“Little Diamond”

“Little Diamond”

Here in Oz, ain’t life grand,

traveling through my yellow brick land.

Chasing rainbows and shooting stars,

free spirited gypsy, wild at heart.

The dancing moonbeams, share the light,

a little diamond shining bright.

Twirling colors spinning ’round,

stardust sprinkles to the ground.

Landing softly on the cheek,

of an angel soft and sweet.

Heaven shared a pot of gold,

a little diamond shining bold.

Ain’t life grand, here in Oz,

where life is aligned, with the moon and stars.


Dumpster Dive

My son and his college girlfriend were moving to new apartment complex a few months ago.  She’s a student at A&M University, so they live in a large college town, with many apartment complexes.  Like any good mother, I made the 3 hour trip to help with the move.  I was so thankful they were moving from an upstairs apartment to a downstairs apartment, making the move a little easier ~ lol.  As I drive into the complex I see 4 railway box cars, sitting in the middle of the complex across from their unit.  What I saw I thought was a little strange and rather bizarre.

Ok, let me say……..this particular week was considered “move-out” week in most college towns.  With that said, some of you may not have found this as strange as I did.  But……outside these box cars were, couches, chairs, tables, mattresses, desk; so on and so on.

I was a little confused.

I ask my kids, “Hey what’s up with those box cars and why is all that furniture out there?” 

Casually my son replies, “Oh, that’s stuff to be “dumped”, it’s move-out week.”

WHAT???? (all bug eyed)

Me ~ “What do you me “dumped”?” (bug eyed)

My son ~ (shoulder shrug), “Well, it’s really suppose to go inside the “dumpster”, but people just “dump” it by them.”

Me ~ “What do you mean “dump” it?” (bug eyed)

My son ~ (duh!), “Mom, it’s move out week.  If people don’t want to move it, they dump it.”

Holy, moly!  WHAT????

Me ~ “You……have……got…….to…….be……..kidding…….me!!!  Do their parents know what their doing???” (extreme bug eyed)

My son ~ (should shrug)

Listen up people, I was amazed at the furniture being “dumped” in these large “dumpsters.”  You needed a ladder to get to them top of them.  This was not just at their complex, but as we traveled a few miles down the road to their new location, I saw this at every single complex we passed.  Dumpster after dumpster, heaping full of, over flowing with, furniture.  Lotsa furniture!!  Matching sofa and love seats, dining tables, lamps, recliners……..OH MY!!!!

Ok………..the gypsy that I am (Austin, my Oz has gypsies), I began to think (and that’s scary).  If it’s in the dumpster, that makes it “recyclable”, right??  Free for the taking, right??  You know where I’m going with this.

So, I ask my son, “Do you think they’ll mind if I “look” through that stuff?”

The laid back guy he is, replies, “You wanna “dumpster dive”?  I’m sure they won’t mind.  You see something you want?  We’ll get rid of it for them.”

Hot damn, I had an accomplice!!!!  Let me tell you, I felt like I was in dumpster heaven, a thief in broad daylight!  You could furnish a house with the stuff, (good stuff) these college kids were dumping.  I snagged a breakfast table and chairs, had my eye on a chest of drawers, but someone beat me to it (dang it).  I was working on furnishing my beach condo, the one I don’t have yet 🙂  Hey, can anyone say “storage’?  Ohhh, yes I can!!!

It seriously baffled me the amount of stuff being dumped, good stuff, that could have, should have, been donated if someone would have taken the time, but that’s another story.

I have to admit, for one day I had no shame, after all; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?  For one; college move-out weekend, I was a thief in dumpster heaven, better known as, a “dumpster diver” and my wonderful son had not shame in being my accomplice.

Sometimes the stars line-up just right………even in Oz and you gotta get it while you can!!

Don’t rain on my parade

Don't rain on my parade


Piece of cake

“As I have grown older, I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.”

The race is on…..

No eviction notices served on these premise.  The tenants leave when they are good and ready.  And yesterday afternoon was move out day; of course when you really aren’t expecting it.

1:15p ~ mom and daughter; chit, chat, text; blah, blah, blah……

2:15p ~ “My back kinda hurts.”

3:00P ~ call the husband, “get home!” ~ takes him, like……FOREVER (it seemed)

3:30p ~ “WHERE IS HE???”

3:45P ~ “You’ve always wanted to drive this fast ~ legally ~ haven’t you?” LOL

3:51p ~ Driving like a bat outa hell!  Zipping through freeway traffic ~ I’m holding on in the backseat.

3:55p ~ “Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, my back!!”………..G-forces kick in and we float down the exit ramp……..

4:27p ~ 5:40p ~ is just a blurr…….

Admit; exam; “She’s an 8!”; no epidural, it’s to late; push, push; she’s here!!

Bright eyed and beautiful!!  A little cherub of a tenant, that said, “I’ll move out when I’m good and ready and I’ve decided to move out…….NOW!”

One of the most exciting rides I’ve ever been on in…….my……..life!!!  You can never imagine…….until you experience it, what a rush it is.  To participate in the glorious birth of a blessing.  It’s like none other 🙂

Our little tenant has moved out and the premises are now vacant.  The race to move out day complete, but a new one is just beginning.  Heather and Paul, hold on for the ride of your life………….



Little seeds holding on,

to a stem we call life.


when their ready

by a little gust of wind,

floating in the breeze,

waiting ’til the time is right,

to gently land down.

Dancing softly into life,

they search for a place to plant,

taking root

they grow strong,

producing seedlings of their own.

Little seeds holding on,

the cycle starts again.

Ain’t life grand……

My daughter and her husband are expecting their first child.  My first grandchild :-).  So I’ve been waiting for the “call”.  This past Monday was her “due” date and it was decided if our little tenant did come on her own, she may have to be evicted.

6:30 this morning ~ the “call”

“Mom, I’ve been up with contractions since 2:45”

“I’m on my way!”

5 hour drive and she greets me at the door.

“Oh, I’m ok.  Nothing happening for several hours now.”

“Well……our little tenant was just waiting for me!  Now let’s get crackin'”

“She’s not in any hurry.”

That’s our life isn’t it?  The hurry up and wait game.  We wait at the restaurant, we wait at the bank and we wait forever at Wal-Mart!!  We’re always in a hurry, never really taking time to enjoy the simple things…………….

Well, I’m in a hurry!!!!  It’s been 9 months of cush, cush living for our little tenant, but time is up!  She won’t leave on her own, so we’re serving an eviction notice tomorrow morning (if she won’t vacate the premises on her own).  Her hours are numbered and then she’ll have no choice but to vacate. Let’s get moving!  What a day of rejoicing that will be!!

  Ain’t life grand……..sometimes, even in my land of Oz


Daily Smiles

Welcome to my Land of Oz 🙂


Am I deranged or desperate, or deranged and desperate

Am I deranged? 

Completely lost my mind?

I know I’m crazy, but omalord, am I desperate to? I noticed one day while taking a walk on the beach, I was checking out the left hand of every man that walked my way!


That’s right, every…….single……..one!!!  Old, young; short, tall; large, small.

More times than not, I saw the little gold band.  Absolutely!!  NO!! eye contact with these fellas.  I’ve learned my lesson with them, but that’s another sad story.  If the hand was free and clear, I found myself smiling and saying hello (wink, wink).  Omalord!!  I’ve created my own Match.com.  Since that day, I’ve noticed, I do this……….EVERYWHERE.

Wal-Mart ~ check, (wink)

The gas station ~ check, (wink)

Restaurants ~ check (wink)

The air condition repairman where I work ~ check (wink)

What????  I think you get the picture.  I ask myself, “Really, Jeri?  How desperate can you get?”

Ok, I don’t like being single.  As matter of fact, I don’t like being alone.  I have a cat, Gracie, but she’s not much company.  She hangs out in the back of the house and I hang in my 18 x 15 bedroom.

Most all the time.

She doesn’t come in my bedroom (??), so I might see her in the kitchen.


I know she’s there because I replenish her food and water bowls.  Anyway, that total off the subject.  So tell me, if there’s no gold band does that mean they’re available??  I’m not thinking so.  My 1st and 3rd (that’s right) husbands didn’t wear gold bands (this should have been a sign) that didn’t mean they were available or did it?

So in conclusion, I’m not desperate, but I am still crazy.  And they’re all off limits.  I’m trying to practice not eye contact with any of the male species.

Maybe I’ll visit Match.com (wink, wink).

“Pull yourself together”

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor


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