I got this

How can one person be so directionally challenged?  Me, to be more precise.

While spending time with my new little diamond, I’m also; top cook, chief bottle washer and official grocery getter.  Today the new little family was having visitors, so my daughter sends me out to pick up a few things and suggests I do a little shopping while I’m out.

Cocking my head, I remind her, “Now don’t send me to far, you know I’m not good with directions.”

“Oh mom, it’s easy, just right down the road.”

The “road” meaning I-35, the freeway (outside of my Oz, it’s a big scary place).  Once again, I cock my head and squint my eyes at her, “Are your sure?”

“Oh mom, you got this!”

With list in hand, I get limited directions to the shopping center and the exit name for Wal-Mart.  I can feel the anxiety beginning to boil.  My inside voices are chanting, “You got this, you got this!”

Off I go into the wild blue yonder. 

I enter the freeway and think, “This is not so bad, I got this.”  I see the exit for Wal-Mart and make a mental note of it.  I’m passing it to go to the shopping center first.  The shopping center is a little further down the freeway.  I miss the first exit, so I take the next exit and loop back around and come up right beside the shopping center.

OMG!!!  I did it, I did it!  The cheerleader inside me is doing back flips, spirit fingers and shaking her pompoms!!  Being pleased with myself, I treated “me” to a new pair of shoes (oh, yes I did).  Satisfied with my shopping experience, I decided I’d better make my way back to Wal-Mart and pick up the groceries.  This is where things got a little twisted.

A lot twisted.

Confident I’d have no problem getting back on the freeway, I proceed out of the shopping center parking lot.  The freeway is right in front of me, but I can’t get on it.  There is only one way to turn and it’s opposite of the freeway!!

Oh  *$!#%, what am I going to do now?  I tell myself, “take a deep breath, you got this.”  But I didn’t.  I try to back track, by making a few turns I think will head me back to the freeway.  But I keep ending up back at the shopping center!  I decide to take a chance and take one of the looping overpasses.  And there it was, I-35, the freeway I needed……..under the under pass I was driving on!  I needed down there,  how was I going to get there?

I exit the freeway, loop back around……….SERIOUSLY!!!!  I’m back in front of the shopping center ~ again!!! *$%@!  You’ve got to be kidding me!!!  Anxiety overflowing, palms are sweating and the AC is blowing at max speed; I’m right back where I started. 

Breath Jeri, you got this ~ the hell I do!!!

As bad as I just wanted to park my car and call someone, I still have groceries to get!  One more time I head out, reciting the famous words by Thomas the Tank, “I think I can, I think I can!”  Grasp the concept I have no sense of direction.  It’s like shooting in the dark.

I decided to follow a feeder road, any feeder road until I see an I-35 sign, any I-35 sign, any direction. 

Off I go.

I travel the feeder for several miles; on the verge of giving up and calling my daughter, I see a sign, a glorious I-35 sign ~ North!

No, no, no!!  I need to go south!! 

I take the I-35 North and hope for the best.  I drive……….it seemed like forever, and then I see it; the heavenly split, I-35 North goes one way and I-35 South goes up and around and around the loops.  I pass the shopping center and see it in my rearview mirror.  At that moment the heavens opened and the angels sang!! 

I was headed in the right direction!!  I did it, I made it back!!  My mission complete.  The groceries bought and a new pair of shoes 🙂

“How’d it go?  You find it ok?”

Smiling ~ “Not a problem, I got this.”


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