“System error……your computer is shutting down”

Before purchasing my new laptop (the one that tried to kick my ass), my old laptop would frequently give me error messages and shut down unexpectedly.  Of course I would be in the middle of something and when the system would restart and I would retrieve what ever it was I was working on, the last little bit of the project would be missing and I would have to re-do it.

How many times; especially in the last few years, have I thought about my life as a “system error”, just hoping “my computer would shut down” and restart.  Thinking maybe, just maybe, I could lose bits and pieces of my internal memory, choosing not to redo certain projects and redoing only the ones worth saving.

As I sit in my melancholy, I sort through all of my data.  I try to decide what projects I would keep and which ones I would delete.  There’s lots of memory in this hard drive and it takes a few cups of coffee just to glance at the personal folders.  Some of the folders I stop and open, lingering on the contents, then quietly close it, deciding it’s ok to keep.  You the know the ones; family, friends, work, kids, love.  Then there’s the folders, in the folders, each project having it’s own special folder for safe keeping.  These folders are a little harder to sort through.  These are my day to day working folders and without them my hard drive would be empty.  Last but not least are the folders buried deep down in the internal memory, the ones, if I could permanently delete, would free up lotsa space; valuable space.  Making room for new folders and new projects.  Allowing my system to run smoother.

Sighing heavily, I realize; some folders are permanent and no matter how many times you delete them, they some how end up showing up in the guts of that data bank.  Although there are bits and pieces I’d like to lose all together, these are also folders that contain the projects that have helped form my system.

Taking another look, it occurs to me; if I were to delete to many folders and projects, the system wouldn’t be worth saving and would eventual crash.  And we all know what that means :-). 

So I’ve decided, I think I’ll just defrag and compress.  Maybe send some things to a “zip” file.  Make some room and live with my “system errors”.  Knowing from time to time, I may “shut down” and have to restart.  Picking up were I left off or starting over, and if I lose bits and pieces; oh well………….

it wasn’t worth keeping anyway.


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