“Flooded Floors”

“Flooded Floors”

The water comes, the water leaves,
leaving behind a mess to clean.
A lowly house takes on the flood,
where once was dry, the waters run.
Out the back door, sweep and mop,
pounding rain, I wish it would stop.
The faster I sweep, the harder it rains,
faster and faster, the water just gains.
I give up, I sit in my kitchen,
2 inches of water, I’m whinin’ and bitchin’.
I watch it swirl, all around my feet,
please stop rainin’ and let it recede!!
Sittin’ and thinkin’ and causing me stress,
having to clean, the big nasty mess.
Quietly listen, no pounding I hear,
the rain is slacking, I jump up and cheer!!
Get my broom, I open the door,
sweep out the water, that’s flooded my floors.


Detours and Destiny

“Caution”, “Road Block”, “Detour Ahead”

“Road Closed”, “Stop”, “Dead End”

These are all signs that something’s about to change……….

Tossing, turning and praying since 3 a.m……I finally decide to get up.  So at 3:45 a.m., instead of sleeping, I’m up drinking coffee, eating peanut butter filled pretzels……..and writing.  (Imagine that!!)

For whatever reason, I began thinking about road signs (I’m not your normal thinker) and the highway called “life”.

This is not your average highway.  Most try to travel the straight and narrow with a few bumps and dips along the way, but areas of the highway can be riddled with construction.

You come upon areas sometimes with early warning signs; flashing neon lights, signaling “caution” something’s going on.  You see additional signs along the highway signaling there’s a change up ahead; only you’re not sure what it is……….but you keep going.  Taking the chance that the changes in the highway are leading you in the right direction.

After all; you’re following the signs.

The problem with that is the fear of not knowing what and when the change is going to be.

Will it be a slight detour, a merging, a “stop” sign that makes you turn right or left or a big detour that takes you way off the highway.

When you finally go through all the warning signs and reach the end, the highway doesn’t stop; it just goes in a different direction. 

You all know I’m not good with directions.  It causes me anxiety not knowing which way to go or how to get back to where I need to be. 

The highway doesn’t care; you have to keep going.

You’ve known the change was coming, there were signs along the way, you’ve been anticipating it.  It still doesn’t fully prepare you for what’s at the end and the direction it’s going to take you.

The alternative to the warning signs of change, is the unexpected, outa nowhere; “Dead End”.  The one that comes up so fast you didn’t see it.  One day you’re on the straight and narrow, the next day you’re at a dead stop; a big sign in your face that says “dead end”.

No detours, no turning right, no turning left, no merging. 

The only option is to turn back the way you came and helplessly look for a direction to take, to get you back on the highway.  Carefully looking at the signs, not wanting to take a wrong turn; or worse yet miss the turn ~ yet again.

There was no time to prepare for the change in direction, your mind is boggled and you find it hard to think straight. 

You ask yourself, “Where the hell did that come from?  And how do I get back to where I need to be?”

We’ve all experienced these directional changes. 

The battle with myself is trying to decide what is the lesser of the two evils?

The anxiety of the anticipated change; of not knowing when or the direction it will take me.


The outa nowhere, unexpected, no time to prepare, “dead end.”

Knowing there’s a change coming doesn’t always make the preparation better or easier.  I think it just prolongs the anxiety of the change.  Sometimes the anticipated change can be exciting, but other times it can be devastating.  You have time to think about it, to dwell on it, and to lose sleep at night about it.

Hummmmmm……..Is this a good thing??

Not knowing; the unexpected change………One day your going in one direction, then you wake up and the directions changed.  No time to think about it or dwell on it.  Yeah, you’ll lose some sleep, it was an unexpected, probably an unwanted change.  But…………………

Wham Bam!!!!!   Thank you mam!!!!

How you doin’??

It changed.

I’m dealing with on unexpected directional change and I’m in the midst of an expected directional change.

I can’t say that I prefer one over the other.  They both leave you feeling lost and helpless.

I can say when the direction changes unexpectedly there’s no time to dwell on where it was going.  It changed; you’re headed in a different direction and already on your way.

When you know the change is on the horizon you have time to prepare, but it doesn’t stop (me) from dwelling, worrying or anticipating what’s going to happen.  Where will it lead, what direction will I be forced to take?

What I do know is I’m not alone on this highway and these are just roads of adversity or opposition.  I will work to “let my faith be bigger than my fear” and to remind myself that down this highway of difficulty, it’s just a directional change…………..

a new destiny on my highway of life.

“Soulful Music”

“Soulful Music”

My hand creates the things I feel,

a flourish of words, they dance across an empty blank page,

smearing the ink from my melodic pen.

It captures the music in my soul,

a reflection of my inner self.

The verses of my being in a lifelong melody,

each word a musical note as I compose my songs.

Reflections of my soul, played like a beautiful guitar,

every note right on key, leap from the page

and float into the breeze.

“Hello Day”

“Hello Day”

Hello day, I’m glad you’re here,

to welcome me, with sunny cheer.

Smile at me, through my window shades,

rays of light, to start my day.

The only sound is the humming fan,

playing soft, in my little land.

Yawn and stretch, watch the dust fairies dance,

holding me captive, in it’s quiet trance.

Lie there in silence, watch and listen,

a beautiful day for hoping and wishin”.

Rise and shine, don’t waste it away,

thank you Lord, for blessing the day.


Not Frugal…….Cha~ching, Cha~ching!!

One night last week, I had a romantic date, we had pizza and beer………at my home…it was great.

This is unheard of for me…………….

At the end of the evening, I left the pizza box on the counter………………

I have been known as the “recycle queen” (in Oz I have to be thrifty), I can make something from almost nothing.

At work, when someone gets a wild hair to clean the storage room, before throwing anything away they will say, “Go see if Jeri wants any of this stuff.”

I’ve gotten some good stuff from those trash piles ~ craft supplies, corsage pins, a baby spoon with the hospital’s name on it and Christmas decorations.  Hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right??

Remember………..I dumpster dive!!!

In my make-up travel bag I lose my little contact case and the little bottle of re-wetting drops.  So, I rummaged around and found a plastic Sucrets box I had saved in my medicine cabinet.

I knew it would come in handy one day!!

It is the perfect size for my contact case, the re-wetting drops and an extra pair of contacts.  I find all my contact needs quickly.


Now……..if I weren’t a frugal pack-rat, I would still be rummaging around in my overnight make-up bag looking for all my contact stuff.

No more!!!

I re-use gift bags and tissue paper.

I know, I know!!  No one else does this do they??

Uh-huh, you just won’t admit it.  I have no shame!!

I can’t tell you when I last bought a gift bag or tissue paper.  Everyone knows this about me.

My daughter hates it!!

When I go to a shower of any kind………..I come home with a trash bag full of gift bags and tissue paper.  The shower’s as nice for me and it is for the recipient.

Christmas………………………trash bag full!!!

I bring it home, fold it, pack it and use it the next year.

Not frugal……………….smart, thrifty.

Everything has potential for a new use……………

Why buy plastic boxes for all my writing, drawing and craft supplies when I can cover shoe boxes and a 6-pack beer carton with zebra print contact paper for a matching ensemble that holds everything I need.


Cha~ching, Cha~ching!!!

Not frugal…………smart, thrifty.

So, it was no surprise to me, when my clever, smart witted date ask me if I was going to keep the pizza box (he calls me frugal 🙂  ).  Without missing a beat, I told him not to be surprised if when he came back, I served him on “paper” plates; the top and the bottom of the box would be perfect.  I would even cut them out round.

As quickly as I said it, my mind was already working (it never stops), not for dinner; but for “serving” trays (the light bulb just went on).

The holidays are coming up; all those office parties, church functions, or family gatherings.  I dislike buying “disposable” trays and I dislike worrying about bringing dishes home.

You see where I’m going with this?????  I think you do 🙂

The box was the perfect size for cookies, sandwiches or even a cake.

And……there’s a top and a bottom; and the cardboard is rather sturdy.

Cover those bad boys in some of that recycled tissue paper and plastic wrap; cute, simple; 2 serving trays, 2 parties, take it and leave it.

Wham! Bam!  Done!

I didn’t have to buy a thing!! (Frugal???? Maybe!!)

Cha~ching!  Cha~ching!

The pizza box has potential……….

Don’t think I wouldn’t do it………

Not frugal (well…maybe a little)………….smart, thrifty.

Cha~ching!  Cha~ching!!  🙂

“Perfectly Impe…

“Perfectly Imperfect”

“Stop looking for perfect relationships. You’re looking for imperfect people who balance you out ~ the perfectly imperfect people for you.” ~ Marc and Angel Hack Life


Me, Myself and I

I have 3 best friends.

We are inseperable.  We are always there for each other.  We are never alone.

We agree and disagree with one another.  We laugh at each other.

We have slumber parties were we stay up all night and talk; one reasoning with the others or one crying while the others are consoling.

We don’t always get along, and we do stupid things.

One worries, frets and feels insecure, another is crazy, free spirited and clever, the other is demanding, doesn’t like to be told no and is a little bossy.

On any given day one has more influence than the others and tries to convince the others to sway to her side; if only for a moment.

One has the voice of reason, one has the voice of doubt and the last has the voice of reassurance.

They walk hand in hand and hold each other up.  If one struggles through the day, the others carry her until she can stand.

Together they don’t always make the right decisions and they blame each other for the things that go wrong; and each wants to take credit when things go right.

Right or wrong, one cannot stand without the others support.

Together they make who I am.

My best friends…………………Me, Myself and I.

“I’m not a hoarder, I’m a pack-rat!!”

I’m not a hoarder……..but I could be considered a pack-rat 🙂

Over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to simplify my life and home.  My kitchen counters stay clean these days and I can prance around in my dressing room. 

Major accomplishments for me.

I do still have a problem with moving things around……….from one room to another room, instead of getting rid of most things.

I might need it one day.

I remember one day; when married to my second husband, I mentioned I wish I could play the piano.  I came home one day to find an antique piano in my front room.

I still can’t play the piano.

I still have the piano……….in the same spot it’s been since the first day I got it……19 years ago.

My fridge is a big pack-rat hole.  Not the inside, but the outside. 

Covered in pictures.

Held in place by magnets from my adventures.

From time to time I sit and stare at these pictures (like this morning) and relive the adventures or memories……………

There’s the Tweety Bird magnets that I got from Astroworld (an amusement park in Houston that’s been closed for years) that holds a picture of my nephew on Santa’s lap from about 4 years ago.  And a picture of my son 3 days before I discovered he had chicken pox; he was 5 (he is now 21).  There’s my Tinkerbell magnets I got from Disney World in Florida when my son was 14, they hold pictures of my girlfriend and her sons at a church function; probably 10 years ago and a little league baseball picture of my step-son from 5 years ago.

I see my New York magnets and remember the fun time my daughter and I had on that trip.  Those magnets hold pictures of her and her husband before they were married and a graduation picture of another nephew that recently got married.  Then there are my magnets from Cozumel from last years cruise with my mom, sister and aunt.  They hold the pictures of my step-daughter and her beautiful family and a graduation picture of my sons precious girlfriend Jessie.

I think the most cherished magnets and pictures are the ones my son made.  There’s one from Mothers Day when he was 7, and one shaped like a Christmas wreath with a picture of him in the center; he was about 6, and the one he made with popsickle sticks in Vacation Bible School when he was 10.

I could keep going…………..my fridge door packed full of memories.

If you looked around my house you would see lotsa stuff………………….

In my shelves, in my china cabinet, in my closets, in my drawers and on my walls.

There’s LOTSA stuff!!

Yes they collect dust and cat hair (from my Gracie), that I don’t clean very often, and yes I could probably do without a lot of it.  But at any given time I can walk through my house and my eyes focus on an object and it will take my back, restore a memory.

I wouldn’t trade that object for anything…..no matter how much dust it collects.

There are still rooms in my house that need my attention………

Yes, it’s alot of crap…………

Yes, it’s alot of non-sense stuff……..let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to move…………

But……I’m not a hoarder, I’m a pack-rat.

A pack-rat of a lot of non-sense stuff……………..full of memories. 🙂


“This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it………”

Are you rejoicing?

Are you thankful?

Did you say, “Thank you Lord for this day”, as soon as your feet hit the floor?

Or….like me; did you whine when you heard the familiar sound…..bzz, bzz, bzz, bzz, and search desperately for the bedside object that was making the obnoxious noise that so rudely disturbed your sleep?

Did you lie there quietly and stare at the ceiling and worry what the day would bring?

(Re-routing, re-routing………….)

Or, did you (re-route), jump from bed (thankful you were capable of jumping at all), excited for another day; to go to your job, to drink coffee with your co-workers and be productive?

(Re-routing to be………….)

Thankful for the breath to utter prayers of thankfulness; for our eyesight (even if we require readers), for a bad hair cut (thank you Lord I have hair!), for a few extra pounds (my health is great) and for all the pieces in my puzzle (as jacked-up as some of them may be).

(Re-routing, re-routing……………)

Thankful our eyes fluttered open, to rejoice in a new day; no matter what it brings.

Routed to a day, I will rejoice and be glad in…………

On every route He brings the rainbows and my glass is half-full 🙂

Re-route your day and be glad in it.

“I will not worry, I will not doubt.  I will keep my trust, He will not fail me.”

Readers??? Not in this Oz!!


We all have it to some degree.

Some of us a little more than others (as my inner Diva stands in her red stilettos with her hands on her hips).

Today I visited my eye doctor for my annual eye exam.

I wear contacts. (Vanity:101)

I’ve gone to the same clinic for years.  This year there’s a new doctor………..

A cute young doctor (my inner Diva is paying attention).

We begin the exam in the usual way………he hands me the little plastic paddle………

“Cover your left eye and read the smallest line you can see.”

I cover my left eye………..

I’m blind as a freakin’ bat in my right eye!!!

“Well…….the second line, maybe the third……..” (my inner Diva is hiding)

“That’s alright, we’ll fix that, now cover your right eye.”

I can at least see the second to last line with my left eye…..thank goodness!!

We finish up the exam…..

“Doesn’t look like much has changed over the year.  Are your contacts still working for you?”

“Oh yes, I wear them ’til they feel like grit then I throw them out.”  I say with a little laugh.

He turns on his little stool; writes something in my chart and asks……..

“How are the readers working for you?  Are you using 1.50 or 1.75 strength?”


(my inner Diva jumps out of hiding and whispers in my ear, “We don’t do readers in Oz!!” “I know, I know!” I assure her.  I got this!!


He turns to face me on his little stool……..



“Sometimes……….but only 1.25 strength.”

He turns back around on his little stool……..

“Uh huh………how do you read?”

WHAT????  No he didn’t!!!!!  (my inner Diva is pouting now)

“Well…….I have to hold it out a little, but……..it’s ok.”

“Uh huh……..you might want to increase the strength to 1.50 or even 1.75.”

(my inner Diva turns up her nose…….)

“Well, maybe………I got this.”  I tell him as he chuckles.

It’s hard to hold my little spiral notebook far enough out to read and write at the same time.  So I sit and write this as I wear my 1.25 strength readers (I could really use the 1.50 strength……..damn it!!).  

I’m not ready to wear them out in public, so I plot with myself………..how will I read a menu one day?

I decided, I think I’m charming enough that maybe I could get my date to read it to me, or the waiter, or the folks at the next table……….or just order a plain salad and be done with it!!!

No menu or readers needed!!! (my inner Diva shakes her head yes).

Age and vanity are not a good mix…………..not for the Diva in this Oz. 🙂

But I got this………….

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