Did Hell Freeze Over??

Yesterday all that was talked about was the weather.

Cold, freezing, ice, low temps, possible school closings……..blah, blah, blah.

I didn’t pay much attention to it all.

My mom texting me, “Where R U?”  Stay in!  Weather gonna B bad!!”

Ok, ok, yeah, yeah.

I wasn’t real concerned, we don’t get much bad winter weather here.  We might get a heavy frost occasionally, but not much more than that.

I don’t live in New York, Maine or Wyoming.

I live in Southeast Texas where it’s hotter than hell in the summer and in the winter if it’s 30 degrees the kids don’t go to school.

Very rarely does it snow.

Almost never.

So if and when it ever does, we kinda act a fool.  Like we’ve never seen it before

It was 38 degrees when I went to bed last night and my little space heater was doing it’s job; but sometime in the wee hours of the morning the temperature dropped ………….dramatically!!

No longer do I feel snug like a bug, but I’m freezing my ass off when I wake up.  My bedroom heater says 61 degrees; that’s chilly when it’s usually a comfy 70.

OMG!!!  The rest of my house is freezing!!  I turn on my stove top burners and my other space heaters; which read 58 degrees.

What the hell is going on?  I pick up my trusty cellular device and consult my weather app; “Current Temp ~ 24*”

24 degrees!!!  Oma Lord!!!!  Did hell freeze over last night???

I rush to my front door, yank it open and peer outside.  The front yard is covered in SNOW!!!

It’s everywhere; 2 or 3 inches and big flakes still falling from the sky.  I rush to get my trusty little cellular device; I gotta get some pictures of this.

I walk in it, I write in it; snap, snap, snap.


I choke down a quick cup of coffee, squirm into my jeans, pull on my pink Tinkerbell beanie and pink rubber rain boots; grab my trusty cellular device (what would we do without these), and out the door I go.  I’m taking pictures of all this.  Driving ever so cautiously; I drive the 2 short miles to town; I know our historical courthouse is beautiful; I wanna a picture of that.


Then there’s the city park with it’s gazebo and pond on one end and Sandy Creek that runs through the middle to the other end.  It to is magnificently beautiful.



Since we don’t see snow often it just wouldn’t be right not to take a few selfies in the powdery stuff as well.


The outside temperature on my car said 25 degrees; no wonder my feet were numb.

It was beautiful and I wasn’t missing it.

Not a typical day in Southeast Texas……………who knows when hell will freeze over again. 🙂


Oh, how I miss you

I’ve been writing a bit of poetry lately, so it was no surprise to me that I was hit with one this morning.

Still in my ratty lounge pants and tee shirt, I began pulling fixings for a salad out of the fridge.  I like to make a large one that will last most of the week.  As I stood there tearing romaine lettuce and cutting up celery, I got a glimpse of my feet; that were covered in a pair of striped socks.

My first thought, “My socks don’t match anything I’m wearing.” (shoulder shrug and tear more lettuce)

My second thought, “Holy, moly I miss my heels!!!” (all bug eyed)

I stopped what I was doing and jotted down this poem ~

“Oh, how I miss you”

My ruby red slippers sit on a shelf,

in their box, all to their selves.

Gathering dust, with no place to go,

tennys and flats have taken the show.

It’s been to long, I don’t wanna forget,

the way that you feel; the way that you fit.

I stand there longing for your sweet embrace,

I stroke your toes and your heels I trace.

Oh, how I miss, how you make me feel,

standing tall in your stiletto heels.

Maybe; just maybe, I’ll slip you on,

I’ll twirl around to a quiet song.

Remembering days, we’d rush out the door,

anxious to see what the day had in store.

Surely it’s not, only me,

I feel sure, you miss my feet.

So just for today, I think instead,

I’ll just slip you on to make the bed.


I decided the salad could wait……………….

I was going to make the bed instead 🙂

How RUDE!!!!

I’m not a cold weather person.  I’d rather it be sunny and 85 all year around.  So this time of year I have to force myself outa the house.

My current unemployed, self-pity status magnifies those feelings 100 fold!!

So it’s a special effort when I get outa the house and venture into the city.

This year the weather has been a little colder and a little wetter than usual for my Texas state; just another factor for me to just want to hide out inside.  But one day last week I decide to venture out to pick up a few crafting items at Hobby Lobby and stop at the grocery store for something for dinner.

It was not an ideal day; cold and over cast, with the threat of rain lurking in the clouds, but I was going out none the less.

Now let me ask you, and keep this in mind; why is it that folks that drive big, fancy SUV’s think they are superior to us folks that drive small, economic cars?  Do you think because you’re bigger, you’re better?  Badder?

I think you’re just RUDE!!!!……………………..

With that said……I enjoyed my time at Hobby Lobby strolling the aisles, being amongst the living.  It was a breath of fresh air.  I could spend a few hours in this store; or almost any store for that matter………..except a hunting and fishing store.

I’d rather be gagged with a spoon. 

Anyway; I had a good time.  I bought a few things and headed on my way to a grocery store for dinner.

Just across the street, in the same shopping strip, was an H*E*B Plus.  I decided I’d run in there real quick like and pick up dinner.

Now; I am one to park way out in the parking lot.  For one; to protect my car and for two; I don’t mind walking.  But today when I left Hobby Lobby the wind had picked up and a misty rain had started to fall.  Being without an umbrella I decided to park as close to the front as I could get.  How lucky could I get to get a spot; 4 cars in, on the front row.

Hot damn!!!  This cold, dreary day was turning out not to be so bad………I thought.

I park, (with cars on both sides of me) jump out and run in.

Let me just say, “Ohhhh….M……G!!!!”  The “plus” in H*E*B, if defined by Webster, would be: “small, food city; all it’s own; population unknown.”

I was in awe.

I stood there, bug-eyed; like a country-bumpkin, not knowing which way to look.  To my left; was the biggest selection of fresh produce and fresh baked breads that I had ever seen and on my right, more varieties of deli cheese and wine than you could shake a stick at!!

I slowly walked around the produce, taking in all they had to offer; next I peered in the glass cheese counters and made mental notes of ones I’d like to try.  But I spent most of my 45 minutes or so eye balling and snapping photos of the different wines.  Coming from buying my groceries at Wal-Mart; where the most expensive bottle of wine is $12 bucks, I couldn’t believe my eyes at the bottles of wine; just standing on the shelves, for $279 bucks!!!


Where was I anyway???  This was no grocery store like I’d ever seen.

Looking at the time, I realized I’d been there almost an hour and I really needed to go.  I checked out and rushed out the door into the wind and cold misty rain……………

I can see my car as I head out and notice a huge, white Navigator parked on my drivers side.  Not thinking anymore of it, I rush quickly with my head down to my car, hoping to jump in…………………WRONG!!!

When I get to my car, there is a little more than a foot of space between that big, ass SUV and my little Ford Focus!!!

Do you know how much a foot is????

12…..small……inches!!!!!  There might have been 16…….maybe!!!

None the less; I could not get in my car!!!!!

Standing in the cold wind and rain I was country bumpkin, fightin’ mad!!!

“WTF????  You’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me!!!  How RUDE!!!”

Right then and there I wanted to stab their tires and leave a note that said, “Oops, I didn’t see ya there.”

Of course I checked and they have plenty of room to get out on their drivers side which makes me even madder.  Luckily, the car on my passenger side parked appropriately. 

I’m not a large person by any means, but climbing from the passenger seat, over a console, maneuvering a gear shift and in knee high boots, is………not……….EASY!!!!  I was outa breath and wet by the time I made it behind the steering wheel.

I don’t have to tell you, my whole “plus” experience was ruined and at this point I’m just ready to leave. 

I had to sit in my car a few moments to calm down.

That evening I’m telling my boyfriend about the whole car thing and how rude people can be.

“Can you believe that?”

“You shoulda stabbed a tire.”

“I could never do that!!  But I wanted to.”

“Why not?  I bet they’d think twice before parking so close to another car.”

“Yeah; well.  By the way, have you seen the size of that H*E*B???”

Smiling, shaking his head, “You ain’t in hick town Jasper, you should see the “Signature” Kroger, it’s twice that size.”


By the way; in case you were wondering, I bought fajitas for dinner.  The meat section started at the end of the wine section.

I never made it past the first aisle……………………………………….

Seriously!!!!  😉


I’ll get back with you on that…..

So the holidays are behind us and a new year has begun.  I baked the cookies, the pigs-in-a-blanket and I trimmed a tree (something I hadn’t done in a few years).  Considering my unemployed status, I think I maintained an over-all upbeat, positive attitude.

I stayed busy.

But the hustle and bustle of the holidays have come to an end.  I’ve taken down the tree, I’ve put away the stockings and partied on New Years Eve like it was 1999………………………….

What now???????

I’m not handling my current status very well.

I’m a mover and a shaker.

Working for someone else is what I know.

It’s what I do.

Ok; so I clean the house, wash the clothes and cook…………………a little more often; but not much.

Not really what I want to do…………

The pays not very good.

On the plus side of my current status, I get the opportunity to spend more time at the beach, create my junkie crafts and write………..

Honestly, I’ve not done much more than I did when I was employed.

Can’t find my groove.

I do spend a lot of time at the table wondering WHAT I should do.

Before I know it, my “Don’t-give-a-damn” mini-me is front and center and telling all the other mini-me’s to get the hell behind her.

When I wake up with no active purpose or place to go, it’s hard to choke this mini-me down.

When I first acquired my new status, my dear friend Mary called me and we made plans for lunch.  She had not worked for almost 3 years.  The one thing I really remember about our conversation was this advice she gave me; she leaned across the table and looked me in the eye…………….

“Get your ass outa bed; now I’m not saying 5 a.m., but don’t sleep ’til noon!  Get dressed like your going somewhere; put on your make-up, fix your hair and put on your jewelry…………EVERYDAY!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.”

“I’m serious, don’t let yourself get in a rut and let yourself go.  It will be easy to do………but hard to undo.”

Every morning I hear her voice whispering in my ear, “Get your ass outa bed!”

She was right, it’s hard to “get dressed”, put on make-up and fix your hair when you have no place to go or people to see.

I struggle with it daily.

Some days I look at the clock and it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon……………

on a Wednesday…………..

and I’m still in my pj’s.

As I type this, I’m sitting at the table, still in my pj’s, my hair a mess and it’s 10 a.m. in Oz……just sayin’.

I hear Mary yelling; not whispering, “Get…….dressed!!”

I reply, “Yes mam.” and eventually I will rush around, get dressed, put on my make-up and fix my nappy hair.  Then I usually just wash clothes or sweep the floors…………

or do nothing.

Sometimes, like today, I will venture out into the public.

They say if you do something enough it becomes a habit.

I’m trying to start a new habit; but it’s hard.

The one thing I’ve managed to keep doing is exercise.  My “Denise Austin” mini-me stands beside and nudges my “Don’t-give-a-damn” mini-me and says, “Come on let’s go!”

She cuts her eyes at that purky mini-me and says, “Ok, but I’m NOT putting my make-up on.”

Marching in place and pumping her arms, all smiles, she says, “Whatever, let’s go!”

Begrudgingly, all my mini-me’s pull my hair back into a ponytail, lace up my walking shoes and throw on a hoodie.  We walk out the door and head for the track.

Of course, I always feel better when I’m finished and when I return I guilt myself into putting on my make-up and fixing my hair; after all, I have to change my clothes.

Ok…….so maybe it’s not exactly the way my friend Mary said to do it.

Kinda ass backwards, but the outcome is the same.

I’m not your average person, I live in my own little Oz.

So in the end, by the time the days is over; I’ve managed to get outa bed, dress, put on my make-up and fix my hair.  So what if it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon; that’s better than not at all and I gotta start somewhere right??

Just don’t tell my friend Mary; let’s keep this amongst ourselves.

And mini-me “Diva”……………………………………………..

well she’s standing there with her hands on her hips saying……………….

“Hey……..you……..when do I get to wear heels again???  Huh???”

My tattored, halo’d mini-me (the glue that holds all the other mini-me’s together), quietly says………………….

“I’ll get back with you on that………………”



Where do you come from?
Do you help?
Do you feel better?
Will you benefit from me?
Move you ahead?
Why do you waste your energy?
Why do you give up your sleep?
Pace my floor?
Be distracted; lose concentration?
Will you change the outcome of circumstances……
or situations?
Will I calm your nerves;
make you free?
Is it good or is it bad?
Are you there?
I know you are………
I feel you lurking.
Do you ever leave;
or just take a nap?

Welcome to Oz

"where the monkeys fly low and the shoes are ruby red"

Hope in the goodness of Humanity.

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