Just Another Day at the Office

It’s been 6 weeks since I’d seen my little Diamond so yesterday it was time to take a road trip.  The weather’s been so cold and gloomy (even at the beach) I was in need of a little sparkle.

Taking a new route; as recommended by my trusty little cellular device (and I followed it to a “T”), I made it to my destination in just over 3 1/2 hours (in rainy conditions), record time for me.  I was greeted by that sweet little face and a precious little smile; that would melt any human heart……………………..

and the sun instantly shined!!!

It’s 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon and my daughter is at work.

At home.

Casual attire; yoga pants, nursing camisole and shoeless.

She takes a break to ask about my trip and catch up a little, but then goes back to work leaving me to visit with Ava.  After a little playing time, she gets fussy; she’s hungry.

Not a problem.

My daughter nurses her as she continues to answer emails and work on requests.

With Ava fed, I take over GiGi duties as my daughter continues to work.  A little while of playing with the Baby Leap Frog, reading books and chewing on toys, she begins to fuss again.

It’s nap time.

My daughter gets up from her make shift desk, lays Ava in her crib then walks to the kitchen and takes out the makings for the evenings supper; she goes back to work………….

in her living room.

A little before 5:00 p.m. she shuts the “job” down.

Whata work life!!!!

I never had that luxury.

When did things change? 

What ever happened to getting up at 5:00 a.m., in hopes of getting yourself ready for work before the baby wakes up?  Or, getting a sleepy baby up, fed and ready for the day care or babysitter at 6:30 a.m. and  hope you get to work on time?

What discipline it takes to have this convenience or luxury; as I see it.  The best of both worlds without having to sacrifice having a career or being a mother.

This morning starts with “alarm clock” Ava playing in her crib.  Time to get up and get ready for work.

A quick cup of coffee and a diaper change, they head out to work………….in the living room.

Breakfast for Ava while the computer comes alive.

Workstations ready for the day to begin; Sesame Street on one and emails on the other.

Side by side they take their places; my daughter at one station, my grand daughter at the other station.

My daughter looks at me, “This is how we start our day.”

I reply, “You got it going on.”


I think to myself, “Just another day at the office; Sesame Street and emails.”



Super Strange Super Bowl

From the weather, to the safety on the first play, to the MVP at the end of the night; this years Super Bowl was super strange.  An unusual blow out to say the least and I was cheering for Seattle.  Love those blue and green uniforms.

Should have known the night was going to be strange when football Hall of Famer, the great Joe Namath, tossed the coin before either team had called it………………………..oops!!!!  

Let the night begin………

The first play, the Broncos have the ball.

Hut, hut…………

WHAT??  Peyton Manning misses the snap and the Seahawks recover it in the end zone for a safety (ROAR, and the crowd goes wild)!!!!

You’ve got to be kidding!!!

Where was “Omaha”??

All season that’s what we heard from Peyton Manning………..I did not hear mention of it one time.  Was it the crowd noise that drowned it out or a different Bronco tactic?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Am I right??

Unfortunate for the Broncos, this set the pace for the remainder of the night; as strange as it was. 

Tips, interceptions, soft defense; these were a bunch of Bronco drones; what had they done with the real players?  Were they being held captive in the locker room?

The Seahawks defense was unstoppable……….to the very end.

Next we have commercials……always a highlight.  They were the bomb.


Worst year for commercials that I can remember.  Advertisers should have gone to their vaults for some “throw back” commercials and saved tons of money. 

Hello, don’t these PR people read social media??  “Throw back” is all the rage.  Just sayin”……

Do you remember any of the commercials?

This is one my favorite parts of the game.  I was disappointed.  I even went on-line to check them out.  Only a few did I recall by the titles and say, “Oh, yeah; that one was ok.”…………

Cheerios ~ Gracie gets a new sibling and a puppy (the little girl is SO cute); Chevy’s “Romance” ~ the bull and all the cows (being a Texas girl, it was funny); Mountain Dew’s “Dale Call” ~ NASCAR driver Dale Jr. depicted as a duck call (I actually said, “that was good”).

The one I did remember; without prompting (but couldn’t remember the name of the insurance company) was the one at the very end boasting the savings by being the first commercial AFTER the game. 

I thought, “Hmmmm, that’s an interesting tactic; how many other people are still sitting in shock; watching, wondering what just happened?”

Probably several.

Nice move.

Let’s talk half-time.  Bruno Mars rocked!!!!!  Red Hot Chili Peppers…………..

Uhmmm………. WHAT……THE……..HELL…….was that??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan; but that was a disaster!!!!

I’m all about mixing it up; Tim McGraw and Nelly (recorded together); Jewel and The Pistol Annie’s (recorded together), even Aerosmith and Britney Spears (Super Bowl match up).  But like oil and water, this years match up just didn’t mix.

‘Nough said about that.  Moving right along.

By far the highlight (or one of my most memorable ones) of the game, was the pre-game debate between President Obama and Bill O’Reilly.

What???  Was that for real???  Did President Obama know what was about to happen??

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much verbal dancing!!!

Oh….my….gosh!!  That was just crazy!!!

And to round out the strangeness; the strangest part of the game (in my opinion)…………….

“2014 MVP goes to Malcolm Smith!!”


Wide eyed, I’m like, “Who?  Smith, who?  Malcolm, who?  Who is that?”

Not, Wilson; not, Sherman; not, Lynch and not Harvin (who had an 87 yard return to start the second half).  But a player named Malcolm Smith????

What did he do??

Oh yeah, he intercepted a pass and ran it back for 69 yards. 

Ok, what else???

He recovered a fumble.

What else??  Sorry, I didn’t know.

Google to the rescue…………

He caught the pass thrown my Collin Kaepernick, that was tipped by Richard Sherman; to clinch the divisional play-off game that moved the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

No discredit to the young man and how exciting for him; just….a…..little….strange.  The Seahawks were my pick to win.  I didn’t have an MVP picked, but I did think it would be someone I was familiar with.  So……..was it luck or good ball playing that landed this not well known ball player as MVP??

Hmmmm…………it was a strange night; how else would you expect to cap off a super strange Super Bowl??

And, I’ll leave it at that and you can decide………. 🙂



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