April 29th Daily Prompt


So nice, fire and ice
they’re just a world apart~
Oh, the sun and moon






Sitting pretty

Emerald Beach Resort, Corpus Christi, Texas



My Daily Prompt – Chaotic (just for the record, I’m not crazy…….but some people may beg to differ)


Flashing lights
neon signs
Do you hear the music………..
Barking dog
a baby cries
Can you see the trees………..
Quiet silence
mumbled voices
Is there someone there………
Up and down
all around
Why are we still running……….
Ringing phone
laughter sings
What’s that awful smell…………
High heels
pay the bills
Tell me, are we falling………..
Sound asleep
wide awake
Can you see inside my head………
Silent fortress
prison bars
How do I get out?



Texas Aquarium in Corpus Christi, Texas


“Under My Feet”

Daily Prompt –

“Under My Feet”

My mind explodes
it must be a dream,
cold as ice
or something in between.

My eyes can’t focus
it’s much to dark,
where’s the light
am, I’m falling apart?

So smooth and slick
it almost feels wet,
is it water;
or could I be dead?

just stop and think,
all is quiet
where can this place be?

Oh good Lord
I just crack a smile,
silly women
your on the bathroom tile.


“Enjoy the Little Things”

April 26th Daily Prompt –

“Enjoy the Little Things”

The softness of a baby’s sigh,
the ball of fire that burns the sky.

A handmade card for Mother’s Day,
the special pictures you keep tucked away.

Steady rain on a tin roof,
X’s and O’s that say “I love you”.

A quiet night with restful sleep,
a good days work to earn our keep.

No grandiose or lavish production,
it’s the little things that give us motion.

My little things ~ my children

Gators on the Beach!

Yes, that is an alligator. It came out of the water and went back in the water, Can you say YIKES!!  Only in Texas 🙂


It’s a Jungle Out There

If you’ve been following me a few months, you know I’m unemployed………………….

Wait, wait, don’t leave!

I’m not going to whine about it, but I do have to mention it. Because being jobless you have to give up the more frivolous conveniences………………………

like buying shoes, getting your hair cut every 8 weeks (haven’t had my hair cut since December) and lawn care.

Lawn Care???? You say…..

Yep. For a single women with no lawn mower I always had someone else do it. I don’t mind pulling weeds or doing a little pruning, but I’ve never operated a lawn mower in my life and I left all the real yard work to my ex-husband. Now I’m at the mercy of my step-son or step-dad, which ever feels sorry for me first; and neither of them has lately.

Winter is not so bad; the grass and shrub’s don’t grow a lot; but spring and summer……that’s a different story altogether. But you don’t see it until you pull in the drive.

Like yesterday; after being gone a few days I return home and my yard looks like a jungle!! I walk around to the front of my house and the grass and weeds are ankle deep, the dandelions are every where and the shrubbery is outa control, to the point that a vine had found it’s way through the siding and was growing INSIDE the window.

That’s it!! I can’t mow but I can do something about these outa control bushes. I decide right then I was going to get up today and tackle the shrubs……………………….

For years in the Spring I’ve had little Wrens make a nest in the window next to my back door. For years I had my ex-husband move it………….

I don’t do birds very well and these little birds would fly right at you.

He would take it out of the window and the little birds would build it right back. He would tell me, “Jeri, just leave it alone, it won’t be there long.” I always replied, “Long enough.”

Ok, they were cute and we could watch them from the inside and my children learned first hand how birds teach their young to fly. But I couldn’t stand the damn little things darting at my head every time I walked out the back door.

I say all that to say……….they’re back……….in the window…………by my back door.

I watched them for a little while this morning and took a few pictures. The little momma bird not happy that I was lingering around the back door. Her little babies squealing for something to eat. I finally told her I’d leave her alone, it was time to get busy on the shrubs……….

A few minutes later out the back door I go and damn if that little bird didn’t dart at my head causing me to duck and run.

“Seriously???” I said.

“Ok, I’ll give you that one.”

I retreat into my garage to get my gloves and tools when two other birds fly under my carport.


There are two new birds; not Wrens, in a nest in one of the corners of the beams under my carport.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Don’t these creatures know I don’t care for them?”

Obviously not.

No time to worry about birds flying around, I had work to do. I take my tools and head to the front yard…………..

By my front door is a bird house; been there for years. Why? You may ask. My ex-husband put it there. We could see it through the big bay window and for several years Bluebirds nested in it. But I haven’t seen any in a few years…………………..

until today.

I knelt down to pull some weeds and a bird came darting out of that little house; scared me to death.

“Good Lord, they’re every where!!” I said out loud. “The front door, the back door, the carport……..”

Didn’t take me long to pull the weeds and move on to the shrubs. These things were as thick as an African Jungle. Blindly I stuck my hedgers in those shrubs hoping to cut something; each time missing a stem. I finally decide I’d have to dig down in the branches with my small pruners to get started.

I told my “mini-me’s”, “If I drop these and have to go in after them, someone call the posse because I will surely be lost or eaten alive.”

My “Diva” mini-me says, “You know we all have to go with you.” While my “Don’t Give a Damn” mini-me says, “Stop whining and let’s get this over with!”

So I cut and I snipped and I wacked. All the while my mini-me’s asking and answering themselves.

“Is this Poison Ivy?”

“I don’t know.”

“Hmmm, well it’s gotta go.”

Snip, snip.

“Is this short enough?”


“Cut some more.”

Cut, cut.

Did you know that flying insects don’t like it when you disturb them?……………………………

Ducking, “What tha hell was that?”

Dodging, swatting and running from wasp the size of vultures, I’d swear they growled as the zoomed by. Ready to finish working in this jungle, I throw down my tools and head to the garage for some arsenal………………………

The freakin’ birds are in the garage.

“Ok look, you all have to leave. I don’t have time to mess with you.”

They aren’t listening. Flying all around.

I grab the closest thing without going to far into the garage…………..

I return with a broom.

The mini-me’s are talking amongst themselves again………

“Whatcha think ya gonna do with that?”

“I got this.”

I’m sure the neighbors were hiding behind their curtains laughing so hard they ’bout pee’d their pants. Watching me in my front yard swinging and swatting with a broom, then run like hell.

I have to admit, if it were me watching, I’d be laughing my butt off.

Having chased off or beat down the vultures, I finally finished cutting the shrubs. Sticky and drenched with sweat my “Diva” mini-me says, “Can we go in now? I could really use a Diet 7Up.”

Satisfied, I’m done for the day. I got the weeds pulled and the shrubs cut. It’s still a jungle, but not as thick. I take my tools; the birds gone from the garage and I put them back until the next time I need them. And hope someone will have mercy on me and come mow my lawn.

Tired and thirsty I head for the back door as the little Wren darts at my head;

“Damn bird!!”

Ducking, I hurry into my house………………….

safe from the wilds of the jungle.

They’re every where, they’re every where!!

Galveston Sunset

Galveston Sunset


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