“Tom and Alley”

“Tom and Alley”

Tom and Alley
met by mistake.
Both were taking walks,
to pass the day…………….

Tom was out
prowling the town.
Alley was just
scrounging around.
Alley asks,
“What brings you here?”
Tom replies,
“Just looking for cheer.”
“Really now?”
Alley said.
Tom laughed,
“There’s nothing to dread.”
“This is my street!”
Alley moaned.
“Leave my street,
go find your own.”
“A streets a street.”
Tom groaned,
“So you’re here,
that don’t make it home.”
“I found it first.”
Alley sneered,
something about him,
Tom was weird.
“No worries;
I don’t stay long.”
Tom just howled,
“Then I move on.”
Alley eyed him,
“You’re on my turf.”
Then she hissed,
“You’ve got some nerve!”
Tom the joker,
“You’re a hoot!
Come on now,
there’s plenty of room!”
Ever cautious
she runs to hide;
“No, come back,
I’m really alright!”
“That’s what they all say.”
she rolls her eyes.
“You think you’re smart,
you’re really just sly.”
Looking her up,
“You’re quite a snoot.”
Playing her game,
she was really pretty cute.
He’s not so bad,
he might be ok;
just for the night,
I guess he can stay.
Alley purrs,
“We’ll call it a trues.”
Of all the streets,
he picked mine to peruse.
Always cocky,
“You’re not my only choice.”
She just smiled;
he’s blowin’ lotsa noise.
Tom and Alley;
they both knew,
just a couple strays
with nothing better to do……….

How long ago?
They wish they could recall.
A passel of off-spring,
adventures great and small.

Tom and Alley
met by mistake;
prowling and scrounging
one long ago day.

Our beach friends, Joey and Zoey……….but they could be Tom and Alley đŸ™‚


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