Take the Bad with the Good

To satisfy my needs to see my kids, cleanse my soul at the beach and maintain an out-of-town relationship; I have to drive………………..

A lot.

So you would think that someone that drives as much as I do would like to drive; somewhat.

But the truth is; I don’t like to drive…………….

very much…………………

at all.

My internal navigational compass is all jacked up.

A manufactures defect (sorry Mom).

If you ask me which way is North, I point straight ahead……………so South would be behind me, East to the left of me (I think) and West to the right of me (I think)………………..

no matter how I’m standing or which way I turn.

Back in the day; you know, before cars had GPS and before Smart Ass phones; we relied on a faithful old Rand McNally or verbal directions.

I was not good with either one.

I’d get all turned around using a map and when given verbal directions, if I was told, “go south on highway such and such”, I would ask, “Which way do I turn to go south?”

I would get that furrowed-brow, blank look, with a response, “Let me draw you a map.” To which I would reply, “Ok, but I need land marks. I’m not very good with road signs.” Again I would get a furrowed-brow, blank look.

In those days, I went no where new by myself.

I’ve gotten a little better with road signs, but my internal compass is still jacked up despite GPS and Smart Ass phones. I miss my exits, turn the wrong way and drive for miles in the wrong direction before realizing it, causing me to have to back-track.

This pisses me off.

So my preference is to get where I’m going in the quickest, easiest and safest possible way……………..

Now, can someone tell me what could possibly be so important that you endanger your life and the life’s of other drivers????

I’ll tell you………………..


Except maybe having a baby or life threatening accident and then you better be in an emergency vehicle or have your emergency flashers on!!!!

So I don’t take kindly to someone riding my ass when there are cars in front of me; all driving the speed limit and then trying to pass me on a 2 lane country road into on coming traffic.


This past weekend I set out on a little road trip to see my son and his girlfriend in College Station. I’m driving along; along with 4 other cars in front of me, when the car behind me starts riding my ass.

No flashers on, so no ones having a baby. Just sayin………………

The idiot tries passing into on coming traffic forcing me to slam on my brakes and swerve to the shoulder of the road (what little shoulder there was). This caused me uncontrollable road rage!!!!

Explicit language that would make a sailor blush, followed by “Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe.”

The drive was down hill from here on out; just down right bad!!!

I reach Huntsville; which is not far from College Station and hang a right on to Interstate 45 and breath a little easier. It won’t be much longer and I’ll be there……………….

35 miles down the interstate it hits me………………..ARGHHHHH (throwing my head back in frustration)

I’m headed to the wrong kids house!!!! I was headed in the direction of my daughters house in Waco!!!

Are you freakin’ kidding me??? Seriously Jeri!!!

I took a right onto the interstate instead of staying straight, on my current highway.


70 miles outa my way.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I missed the turn to their apartment complex and got all turned around. I was rattled and a nervous wreck by the time I reached my destination.

So you ask (or at least should be wondering)………………..with all that bad, what could possibly be good?

Well…………..about mid-way to my destination I cross a body of water called Lake Livingston. As I cross one of the bridges, I spot a somewhat rare sight……………………

White Pelicans!!!

I have seen these birds before in Galveston and one time on the lake where I grew up, but I have never had the opportunity to photograph them. I always have my camera, so I made a little roadside pit stop. I pulled off the road and walked down a hill out onto a grassy point. This was a rare opportunity for me.

These are Northern state birds, but migrate south in the winter months. They are usually seen along the coasts of California, Texas, Florida and Mexico. It is unusual for them to be seen off the beaten path such as Lake Livingston.

The usually stay together in large colonies, so it’s unusual that there were only 5 that I saw.

Unlike their brown pelican cousin; the white pelican is not a komacozi diver for food. It forages in the grasses and along shorelines, scooping it’s food up into it’s enormous bill. So I was lucky they stayed close to the banks.


4 of the 5 had these orange flap looking things on their beaks. These are the males and develop these growths during mating season (poor girl, having to deal with 4 males).

I was lucky to be able to have this opportunity to photograph them in a natural setting.


If I didn’t drive as much as I do I probably would never have had the opportunity.

Sometimes you gotta take the bad with good…………………………


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bigdaddywizard
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 14:36:59

    If north is in front of you then east is to your right.



  2. Starralee
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 14:48:48

    I love your honesty–and all of these reasons, plus some, are why I have never driven (aside from that nightmarish summer Driver’s Ed class–where the instructor and my dad wanted to shoot me, and I begged, “please do”). I think I especially love that you can swear like a sailor, and then thank Jesus–because that’s the kind of close relationship I have with Him! Great pelican shots, too–which was God’s “treat” for all the aggravation you endured. Bless you–xxooxo!

    Liked by 1 person


  3. InfiniteZip
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 10:45:50

    Blessings when least expected:) thanks for sharing your tale, enjoyed and gained new appreciation for driving and beauty unexpectedly found:)



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