“Gobble, Gobble”

Life is about making memories………

When I was a little girl, we always went to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving.

It was a big family affair.

The men always went hunting and the women did all the cooking.

We would arrive early and the house would already be smelling like a feast. My grandmother, having been up and cooking since before daylight; would be in her kitchen were it was always nice and warm.

I can still see her standing in her apron and house slippers…..

My sisters and I would climb on the kitchen chairs and stand at the counter while she rolled out pie crust; she made the best chocolate pie!!

I remember being excited when I was old enough I didn’t have to sit at “the kids” table.

But now I realize; “the kids” table have the best conversations.

As the years went by, some of the cooking duties went to my aunts and mom. The kids got older and families grew and went in different directions.

I married and moved and didn’t get back much……..my grandparents have since gone to a heavenly life.

Today my family lives scattered and it’s hard to get us together.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner together is almost impossible.

I will be traveling today, like so many others…….I’ll call my mom as I drive.

First stop, College Station to spend the night with my son and his sweet girlfriend. He says we’re eating “red-neck” Thanksgiving dinner………

at IHOP.

Whatever works………….(memories).

Tomorrow, I’ll travel further north to Waco to see my daughter and my little diamond!!

I’ll eat left-overs.

Whatever works…………

I’m making memories.


“Gobble, gobble”

Gobble, gobble
here it comes;
gobble, gobble
watch them run!
Sweet potato,
chocolate pie;
cranberry sauce piled high.
Stuffed and roasted,
dressed and baked;
fruit salad and coconut cake.
Yeast rolls ~
made from scratch,
10 minutes;
they’re baked last.
Mashed potatoes,
with giblet gravy;
Can you smell it?
It’s almost ready!!
Get the napkins,
grab the plates;
oh the feast,
it’s worth the wait.
Family, friends
gather round,
bless the turkey;
let’s chow down!


Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #79 ~ There are 119 grooves on the edge of a quarter.

No……I did not count them – LOL!!

“Edge of Life”

The beach doesn’t really have “winter”, but when it’s cold the wind cuts through you like a knife.

I made a quick trip to my home in Jasper this weekend for a few sweaters, my boots and a couple coats. On my road trip back this morning I tuned my radio to my favorite Christian radio station. As I was driving along I began to make mental notes of song lyrics that stuck in my head.

When I reached the ferry landing I knew I had to write them down…….
Happy Sunday!!

“Edge of Life”

Everyday I hear a voice
it says I’m not right.
Unharden my heart;
love me thru my rebel self.
You are my strong tower,
my fortress when I’m weak;
let your light be proof,
proof inside of me.

You’ve never left my side
thru the valleys
and the dark ~
You carry me.
Though my feet fail me
You keep me above the waves;
You hold onto me.

In my Fathers eyes
there’s no mistake;
He knows my name.
I am guilty,
yet you breath life into me
with your mercy and your grace.

You Lead me
with strong hands,
so I don’t feel alone;
and when doubt fills me
stars light up the sky,
You always lead me home.

Whom shall I fear?
The God of angels
is by my side.
I am not forgotten,
He never lets me go;
on this edge of life.

Welcome to Oz

"where the monkeys fly low and the shoes are ruby red"

Hope in the goodness of Humanity.

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