“A Stranger”

“Hello there,
who are you?”
I ask the person
in my room.
She sings,
she dances;
she smiles alot ~
she’s the person
I think I’m not.
“Where’d you come from?”
I hate to stare;
I know you see
my evil glare.
How dare you come
and laugh at me;
mock and taunt,
you nasty tease!
“How’d you get here?”
I need to know.
I don’t know you;
you should go!
“You know me!”
she just laughs and says.
I close my eyes
and shake my head.
A little familiar
from way, way back;
I may have seen her
in my long, lost past.
I cock my head ~
well, maybe so;
but that was
very, very long ago.
“You remember me!”
she gently smiles and sings.
I softly whisper,
“I think you should leave.”
“Don’t you miss me?”
she wants to know.
“If I knew you ~
maybe so.”
She laughs
and turns to leave……
Do you know me?”
She smirks;
“Oh, I think I do.
Once upon a time ~
I was you!”
For a fleeting moment
I can see my face;
not a stranger
in her place.
I sing,
I dance;
I smile alot ~
I’m the person,
I think I’m not.
She stands and waves;
but not for long,
I watch her turn
and then she’s gone.


“9 o’clock”

Oh my Lord!
Look at the time!
Hurry, hurry!
I’ll lose my mind!
Where’s my patch?
Find it quick!
If I’m without it;
I’m quite a bitch!
Oh good Lord!
Where’s the box?
Without that thing,
I’m a box of rocks!
I’m looking here,
I’m looking there;
Oh! Good Lord!
They’re not anywhere!
Where the hell!
did they go?
Oh my Lord!
They’re at the store!
It’s not easy;
it’s quite the feat,
keepin’ my crazy
off the street.
Keep my cool;
don’t get all stressed!
Hurry your ass
and just get dressed.
Heaven help me!
I’m going in shock!
The pharmacy won’t open ~
’til 9 o’clock!!


Like it or not, we all have one (or two)……..
That thing that consumes us, and at times; out of our control, totally takes us over………


The air permeates;
your smell engulfs me
before I ever see you.
Before I touch you;
you fill my mouth
with your familiar taste.

A quiet sound;
so many hear,
yet magnified to me.
Euphoric surroundings;
nothing matters
when it’s only you and I.

I look around;
can others see?
Do they know?
~ the hold you have on me.

Writing Challenge 2

After many months of writing dormancy due to brain disorganization because of to much shit in my head………..new job, new town, new home, new grand babies, no friends, no TV, no family, no closet space, leaving stuff behind, whata I do with this, whata I do with that; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!


I have once again committed myself to using a monthly calendar of daily photo challenges (thank you fatmumslim.com) for my writing. Each day has a word or phrase and it allows me to focus my writing on that one word or phrase instead of being all over the place. It worked before and it’s working again!!

The title of the poems are the word or phrase from the calendar for that day. I find it fun, refreshing and challenging at times. And thats what I’m looking for.


It rolls slowly
never makes a sound;
insignificant to most.
Shiny and bright
it speaks loudly;
but never says a word.
Silence so loud
disturbing those around;
they can only see.
One wet tear
seems so small;
but yet so big.

“Red Light”

I caught a red light
on my drive to work;
in a sub-division.

I watched a young mother
cradle her baby;
the sitter came to meet them.

She kissed his head
I could hear her say;
“Oh, I love you”.

She slowly hands him over
he smiles his sweet smile;
he knows the sitters face.

One last long kiss
she turns to leave;
she quickly waves goodbye.

The sitter stands waiting
she waves his little hand;
they watch her leave the drive.

Nostalgia fills my car
I kiss my baby goodbye;
the red light turns to green.

Haiku – “Self Portrait”

Her hair’s hanging loose
beach gypsy in high heeled shoes –
a hot southern mess

Welcome to Oz

"where the monkeys fly low and the shoes are ruby red"

Hope in the goodness of Humanity.

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