“9 o’clock”

Oh my Lord!
Look at the time!
Hurry, hurry!
I’ll lose my mind!
Where’s my patch?
Find it quick!
If I’m without it;
I’m quite a bitch!
Oh good Lord!
Where’s the box?
Without that thing,
I’m a box of rocks!
I’m looking here,
I’m looking there;
Oh! Good Lord!
They’re not anywhere!
Where the hell!
did they go?
Oh my Lord!
They’re at the store!
It’s not easy;
it’s quite the feat,
keepin’ my crazy
off the street.
Keep my cool;
don’t get all stressed!
Hurry your ass
and just get dressed.
Heaven help me!
I’m going in shock!
The pharmacy won’t open ~
’til 9 o’clock!!


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