“I Think I’ll get a Dog”

How nice it would be
to be covered with kisses;
excitement uncontrolled.
Greet me at the door
“I missed you, I missed you!
so glad you’re home!”
Patiently listen to me
rattle on and on;
talk about my silly day.
Keep me company
with no nasty complaints;
if your suppers sometimes late.
Lay beside me quietly
with no extra expections;
just to keep me warm.
Stroke you gently
in the middle of the night;
give me comfort from harm.
Eagerly wants to please me
doing the simplest of things;
putting a smile on my face.
Tuck tail and run
when you break my heart;
looking for a hiding place.
Cute and cuddly
my perfect companion;
one that’s trainable and sweet.
I think I’ll get a dog
it’s easier by far;
a mans to hard to keep!



The color of fire
on a midnight sky,
smoldering embers
flying high.
Whiskey stains
in bloodshot eyes;
falling tears
when a heart cries.
Foot on the gas
a hot rod ride;
slow burn moan
passions sweet sigh.
Life filled regrets
things we never try;
hopes, the fears
we try to hide.
One color
washes the night;
fills the dreams
screams in fright.
Endless abyss
image colorless sight;
the color of pain
when souls take flight.

Welcome to Oz

"where the monkeys fly low and the shoes are ruby red"

Hope in the goodness of Humanity.

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