“The Cross, the Thorns”

The crowd; they gathered,
they saw an humble man.
The guards; they shouted,
weak, they made him stand.
The thorns; they pierced,
the head of a precious Saviour.
The nails; they drove,
both hands and feet together.
The cross; they stood,
for all the world to watch.
The blood; they drew,
would cleanse our dirty hearts.
The day; the darkness,
it split the earthly skies.
The thunder; the lightening,
it was heavens desperate cry.
The stripes; the cries,
were heard with every cast.
The quake; the silence…..
His suffering finally past.

A mother; the visit,
a place for her to grieve.
The stone; the tomb,
it was empty on day three.
He died; He rose!
Hallelujah! We were saved.
The cross; the thorns,
a precious life He gave.


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