“The Gift”

A Father,
a Son;
a gift that he gave.
A virgin,
a dream;
born on this day.
So meek,
so mild;
bright shining star.
Bow down,
give praise;
oh come as you are!
all mighty;
forgiver of sin.
The lion,
the lamb;
redeemer of man.
A Savior,
a gift;
God’s most precious life.
a babe in the night.
the heavens proclaim.
A virgin,
a stable;
His gift in the hay.


“‘Twas the night before Christmas…………”

“‘Twas the night before Christmas…………”

“Twas the night before Christmas…….up in Santa’s crib

he’s getting things started, for getting things did!

He’s rockin’ jingle bells, he’s screamin’ ho, ho, ho’s,

the man in the suit, is ALL in the know.

He’s studied all the lists, consulted all his elves

cranking up the music, they work to fill the shelves.

Blaring through the speakers, Pandora’s turned up loud

they’re grooving to the beat, they’re cranking toys out.

No time for something soothing, Perry Como or Kenny G,

Santa’s on a mission, he’ll give them what they need.

Nickelback and Train, Beyonce and Jay Z,

Carrie and Miranda, Usher; and Jason Aldean.

They wobble as they work, they shuffle as they stack;

booty grind and butterfly, the elves aint’ holdin’ back.

Santa knows his helpers; what gets their blood to pumpin’,

he cranks it even louder, you see the speakers thumpin’.

They’re bustin’ out the moves, the ones that have no names,

they’re filling all the stockings, it’s time to fill the sleigh.

They’re all doing hip hop, a little doesy doe,

they’re passing down the presents, in the sleigh is where they go.

Santa’s at the helm, Pandora’s popped on quick,

he’s rappin’ to the reindeer, they’re jammin’ with St. Nick.

They do the reindeer hustle, they’re pawing with the beat,

booty twerking Santa, is stirring up the heat.

His team is getting antsy, the music makes them move,

rockin’ roll Santa, will be flying with the groove.

He’s turning up the volume, the sleigh begins to dance,

the reindeer know it’s time; they’re stomping and they prance.

Winking to his helpers, he plays some air guitar,

gives the reins a little flick; he’s off like a shooting star!

The elves stand and listen, they watch the strobing lights,

as their rockin’, jammin’ Santa, starts fading out of sight.

You can hear the speakers thumpin’, Santa shouts with all his might,

“Merry Christmas to all and a rockin’ good night!!”

What to get Who

It’s not that I don’t like gift giving, it’s that I don’t like searching for a gift to give.

It causes me stress.

So I was delighted when we (family) said we wouldn’t do gifts this year.  That meant I didn’t have to feel that holiday anxiety of having to decide what to get who.

Right……….who was I kidding.

First my daughter tells me they are staying home for Christmas; it’s just to hard driving for hours and packing for days with a new baby.

“Mom why don’t you come see us?”

That’s a great idea, but I can’t go empty handed; so I’ll take my grand daughter a few things.  And since I’m getting my grand daughter a few things, I’ll pick-up my 3 year old step grand daughter a few things.

She told me she wanted Barbie; that should be easy enough.

After all Christmas is for the kids.

Hummmmm……….my daughter and her husband are kids, right?

They’re my kids.

So it’s only right to get them a little something also.

Right??  Can’t leave them out.

Then my son calls, “Hey Mom, I’m off the whole week of Christmas and I’m coming to stay with you!”


“But I’m going to Heathers.”

“Great!  When are we leaving?  Jessie’s coming to!”

OMG!!!  They’re my kids; gotta get them a little something; wouldn’t be right to leave them out.

I feel my anxiety building, “Calm down Jeri, it’s just a few little things.  No biggee.”

Not wanting to disappoint my mother, my son and I will be spending the day of Christmas Eve with her.

“Christmas will be “slim” this year, but I’m glad all three of my girls will be here.”

“Slim??  I thought we weren’t doing gifts?”

“Oh, it’s just a few things.”

Well, I can’t be the only one there not bearing gifts.

I feel the pressure rising and I’m running outta time.  This is the part I dislike………deciding what to get who!!

My few things has turned into many things!!  My Oz has turned into WhoVille and the Witch of the South has turned into the Grinch!!

I’ve made my list and I’m checking it twice…….three times………four times………running outta time!!

My baby “who’s” ~ check

My daughter “who” ~ check

My son-in-law “who” ~ uh oh

My son “who” ~ uh oh

My son’s girlfriend “who” ~ check

My mom “who” ~ uh oh

My step dad “who” ~ uh oh

My sister #1 “who”  ~ check

My sister #2 “who” ~ uh oh

My nephew “who” ~ uh oh

I have more “Uh Oh’s” than I do “Checks” and looking at the number of bags with purchases, it should indicate the “Checks” and “Uh Oh’s” should be the other way around.

So much for no gift giving.

So much for “just a few things for the kids”.

So much for “no stress” on what to get who.

I better get dressed, times a wastin’!!!!!  I still have a few “who’s” to check off my list.

It’s gift cards next year………

for real!!!!!

I say that every year 🙂

“Tis the season, from WhoVille in Oz!!

‘Tis the Season to be……….

Like every other person on the face of this planet, the commercialism of Christmas drives me NUTS!!

It seems as soon as Labor Day is over, Wal-Mart clears out the Garden Center and moves in enough lights, garland and glass balls to fill several 18-wheelers.

Poor Mr. Jack-O-Lantern and our fine feathered friend Mr. Thanksgiving Turkey; they don’t have a fighting chance to even bask in the lime light of their one single day!

Ok, I’m not that big a fan of Halloween….I don’t give out candy….I know, I know!!  But it does come around once a year and the kids all dress so cute 🙂

It doesn’t break my heart we don’t spend months prior to this day to promote it.

Besides; the money spent on candy could probably relieve the hunger in our country for several weeks.  Just sayin’………..

But Thanksgiving……now that’s another story and it deserves a little more respect; after all it is “Thanks” “Giving” or “giving thanks”.  A day to give thanks for family, friends, good health, a job, our freedom and my list could go on and on.

But what do we do????

We can’t wait for Thanksgiving, because the next day is………..Black Friday!!!


You all know what I’m talking about.

Seriously……..that’s what it seems like the day is about.

You haven’t put the last bite of dessert in your mouth yet and the tables cleared and the sales papers are out.

The strategy begins!!!!

Where to go first, who has the best deals, and do we have coupons?  The lists are made, the items are circled and the plan is mapped out.  Your group may even have to split up to utilize your time and get the best deals.

It’s still daylight outside, but you have to get to bed because you have to get up at 3 a.m. to be at the store by 4 a.m. (or earlier).

This is insanity!!!!  And people say I’m crazy…..go figure.

My mother use to do all this.  She’d be one of the first people at Wal-Mart.  The first thing she’d do is get her place in line by the plastic wrapped pallet that had the object of her desire, then whoever was with her would hold her place and she would go off in search of a lawn chair or folding chair……….

She knew she was going to be there awhile.

She usually always got what she was after, but I always wondered was it really worth all that.

I never understood how people could spend a day being thankful and then the next day take some one down, in the middle of an aisle; scratchin’ and bitin’ over who would get the last Game Boy (my mother did have a little tiff over a Game Boy one year……there was no scratchin’ and bitin’ involved……thankfully).

My daughter and I would strategize; but we both like to sleep late, so by the time we made it to the stores the places had been trashed.

We don’t do that anymore……….let the crazies have it. 

We’ll stay home and sleep.

This year we’ve decided not to exchange Christmas gifts.  My daughters idea, and I think it’s great!!!

As my children get older and our family expands and extends, it’s hard to get everyone together.  We will all be separated on the actual Thanksgiving day, but will join together on the Saturday following to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday and to give thanks for all the blessings in our life’s.

No strategizing, no rushing, no hustle, no bustle; just one full day of Thanksgiving.

‘Tis the season to be……………….thankful :-).  Gobble, gobble!!!


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