Road Trippin’…….Wimberley, TX

Logbook entry April 16, 2017………….Trip #3 on my year long adventure of discovering my state was in Wimberley, TX. A little gem hidden in the rocks and hills of the beautiful hill country of Texas. It was an easy 4 hour drive from my little island and I drove straight to my first destination arriving about noon.
First stop Jacob’s Well. A natural rock reservoir that’s 35 feet deep and then takes a turn under the rock and goes out 135 feet. The reservoir is fed by under ground springs and is 66 to 68 degrees year round. It was a little hike to it, but nothing to steep or strenuous. It is well worth the trip. The water in the creek is as clear as bath water and the water in the “well” is the most stunning indigo blue. It was a natural beauty. Swimming is allowed by permit only and begins in May. Swimmers are allowed to jump from the high rocks into the “well”. I can only guess it must be exhilarating as the “well” is not that big in roundness! I will never know! LOL

That little hike made me a little bit thirsty, so off I go to find my first winery. Wimberley Valley Winery is a beautiful little winery that backs up to a farm that has miniature horses, miniature donkeys and miniature goats. The winery has picnic tables, swings and settees on the back property and they encourage the customers to visit the animals. The animals love the customers.

Gabrielle was my sweet hostess. When she was waiting on another couple I heard her say, “Oh MY Lanta!” My face lite up. My son’s sweet girlfriend is the only other person I have ever heard use this phrase. I knew Gabrielle and I would be fast friends. We were kindred spirits. She loved the beach and she loved wine. Young and beautiful, she is studying to be a sommelier and was inspired to run her own winery. If I had a tasting room, I’d recruit her to work for me. She’s bright and bubbly, educated and informative. I loved her. We had a grand time together. But I was on a time schedule. I couldn’t drink wine and talk to animals at one place. I had to keep moving. She recommended a restaurant for dinner, then sent me on my way.

I was off to find “Old Baldy”. I wanted to hike to the top and check out the view. After driving around and around this “hill” in a neighborhood, I realized I was making circles around “Old Baldy”. No parking lot. No signs. Only a set of stairs leading up to the sky. 236 stairs to be exact. 236 steps up to utter quiet peace. I spent 25 minutes on the top all by myself. Soft wind and sun. The butterflies my only company. It was complete bliss. And the view; well it was not to shabby either.

Evening was moving in and it was time to find my restaurant. I head downtown to find The Leaning Pear, the spot my girl Gabrielle recommended. Kindred spirits indeed! This little place had a farm to table menu that was right up my alley. Good wine and craft beer loaded the menu as well. It was a perfect choice for me. As I walked up to the restaurant, I noticed in the parking lot, a life sized cowboy boot (5 foot). It was all painted up by an area artist. I thought it was a rather odd place for a boot to be. It was a parking lot for pete’s sake!

After dinner I decide to search out some dessert. According to my little cellular device, there was a fro-yo place just around the corner, so off I go to find it. To my surprise, guess what else I find? Life sized cowboy boots! All painted differently! Of course I had to google it and see what was up with all the boots. It seems it was a project in 2014 started by the Wimberley Valley Arts and Cultural Alliance to bring recognition to the arts and enhance cultural tourism. It is lovingly called “Bootiful Wimberley” and there are 50 total scattered throughout the town. I found 23. If I had more time I would have made it a goal to find them all, but since it was not on my list of things to see, I was happy with the 23 I found. It was dusk and I could hear my momma calling………”time to come in, play time is over”. I was satisfied with my day and ready to relax in my hotel.

I had to start my day early. I had things planned to do and a 4 hour drive to make it home by dark, so every minute counted. It was dark when I arrived to my hotel the night before, so I didn’t get to check out the property. It was the first thing to do on my list the following morning. Nestled back in a subdivision is a jewel. Although a little older, the room was large and comfortable. To my surprise the property is surround by a beautiful creek with falls. It was quiet and serene. The Lodge at Cypress Creek is a place I would stay at again. It was much more than I expected for my set budget and wished I’d had more time to spend there. But…..adventure was calling, so check out I did and I hit the road.

Although Hamilton Pools was not on my list of things to do on this trip, I was only 30 miles away and decided to take a chance………………..
Word of caution to free spirits like me………..
Arrive before 9 a.m. or call before making the trip.
They have 72 parking spaces. When those parking spaces are full, they start a line; when they reach 72 in the line, they turn people away. No matter how far you drove…….they turn you away. Arrive very early if you plan on getting in. I guess you know…………

I did not get in. My mood was not dampened, it was not on my list this trip, so I turned around and headed for the wineries!

Driftwood Vineyard and Winery was on top of a vista; up a road so steep and windy, I’m sure when it rains they have no visitors. But oh; the grounds and view of the vineyards is spectacular. The wine was a little pricey and only a few actually were from the Texas vineyard. Most were from their sister vineyard in California. I guess that explains the price. None the less; the view was worth the climb.

My last stop was Bella Vista Ranch. This is a working Olive grove and vineyard. Producing Olive oil and wine. Thank goodness for GPS, as this ranch was several miles down a single lane road. A 2 hour lecture, tour and tasting of olive oil and wine. It was the most informative tour I have ever taken.

The owner……………masters degree in physics and financial accounting…….decided he was tired of the corporate world and left California and in 1998 moved to Texas to become an olive farmer. You go dude!!
Olive trees are hearty, sub-tropical, stone-fruit bearing trees. Texas is ideal and not so ideal for these trees. They grow well, but the sudden change in Texas weather can be detrimental to a harvest and can destroy a grove. The ranch’s first harvest was in 2003 and it’s been operating and growing on “a wing and a scotch” ever since. It is the first olive ranch in Texas and now one of 15 producing olives.  Olives are harvested in September and they are hand picked from the trees on this ranch.  If you were to eat the olives right off the tree, they pack as much heat as a jalapeño pepper; very different from what we know olives to taste like.  This visit was well worth the $15 spent.

And with all good things………….there comes an end.

My time in Wimberley was over. It was to short as there was so much more to see.

Another time, another trip………..

My weekend ends Easter Sunday with a sunrise baptism of my son’s sweet girlfriend, Jessie, a visit with my mother and sister and an afternoon at the place I love; doing the things I love most………

hanging with the seagulls and writing about my adventures.


Road Trippin’………..Wharton, TX

Logbook entry January 15, 2017……….First stop on the map of discovery fell into a category (when googled) as “a small town with unique things to see.” I’d never been to Wharton, it’s fairly close to home; only 97 miles, so I decided this would be good place to begin my year long journey of discovering new roads.

This would be good 1, of 2, day trips on my year long plan.

It was gloomy and rainy when I got up; causing me to want to change my mind. “No Jeri, stick to the plan. Hit the road.”

It’s about an hour and 45 minute drive and I wasn’t looking forward to driving in rain and traffic (I hate to drive).

But I set out……….

I put my destination in mapquest and closed my garage door.

First stop before the freeway…….Starbucks. I needed coffee to deal with rain and traffic.

About 20 miles down the freeway my GPS takes me off of the freeway.

“Why am I getting off the freeway?”
“Damn it! Already I’ve screwed up!” (my ditzy, directionally challenged mini me screamed in my ear). Anyone that knows me or has read any of my stories, knows that I am seriously directionally challenged… SUCKS.
I argue with myself, “NO! I haven’t screwed up! I’m following the GPS!”

The further I went the less populated it became. The rain had stopped and I began to relax in my drive. I realized the GPS shortest route was down back roads. I found myself driving down 2 lane country roads where there were no Starbucks, no Buckees, no Loves Truck stop and no traffic. Only miles and miles of cattle pastures and long country roads.

Who knew less than 50 miles was one of the largest city’s in the states…….Houston, TX

I arrived to Wharton to find a quiet little town, with a Junior College, life sized dinosaur (in one of the city parks), a quirky Tee Pee Motel; built in the 1940’s and still operating today and a beautiful courthouse.

I took a chance taking my first day trip on a Sunday, most of the little shops were closed. But I found one shop on the historical courthouse square with so much hodge podge, it kept me busy for an hour. My next stop was the city park where I was greeted by a friendly dinosaur. I felt like he was watching over the iron bridge that was not longer operational; but still lead passage over the Brazos River to the other side. It began to rain, so I bid my friend farewell and headed out in search of the quirky Tee Pee Motel.

There on the outskirts of town, in the middle of no where stood 10 structures in the shape of Tee Pees. When you round the bend, it was an unusual sight. One that makes you turn around and go back. I pulled in to check them out. They were indeed quirky! Lucky for me I walked upon one being cleaned. The girl cleaning was very friendly and laughed when I asked if I could check it out.

Much to my surprise; it was round inside! I guess I was expecting a square room in a round tee pee……..LOL! It had all the modern conveniences; queen bed, sofa, flat screen TV, shower and air conditioning. The only thing missing were windows. Go figure! She explained they were rented just like regular motel rooms at $75 per night. I thought it was a little pricey, as I didn’t find much to do in this quiet little town. I graciously thanked her for letting me poke around and I jumped in my car and headed back to G-town.

I came.
I saw.

Although it was not a grand adventure, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and a good beginning to my goal of discovering new places.

February’s destination ~ Waco, TX, where Dr. Pepper was created!






“The Ride”

The sight is very common,
on most islands I would guess;
bikes with wicker baskets,
pedaled by owners of little pets……..

He sits up tall like a regal king,
looking from side to side.
He enjoys the breeze in his face,
ignoring the people zooming by.
He looks around, he’s got it made,
he points his nose up to the sky.
They travel the same way;
before the day can turn to night.
Life is easy from where he sits
looking down from up on high.
He looks straight ahead;
his ears they flop and fly,
others on their leash
watch him zoom right on by.
The envy of all the others,
he can see it in their eyes;
they want his wicker basket
and pedaled little ride.

Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #79 ~ There are 119 grooves on the edge of a quarter.

No……I did not count them – LOL!!

Happy Halloween Y’all

“Frightful Night”

Pull the curtains
shut off the lights,
your porch is dark
this hallowed night.
The spooks are out
it’s a frightful affair,
the little goblins
are everywhere.
There’s a ghost
in mom’s finest sheet,
a Cinderella
and ghoulish freak.
They’re on the sidewalks;
they’re in the streets,
screaming and shouting
“Trick or Treat!!”
You can run
but you can’t hide,
they’ll scope you out
by your TV’s light.
Quiet and still
you sit like a stone,
ignore the pounding
and woeful moans.
Still they come
they won’t leave you alone;
damn it to hell!
they know you’re home.


Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #752 ~ A group of twelve or more cows is called a flink.

“Flink” is NOT in the dictionary, but when googled; this is what I found:



Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #187 ~ There are over 61,000 pizzerias in the US

I wonder how many Mexican eateries there are??

Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #730 ~ “The fear of vegetables is called………….Lachanophobia.”

Really!!!! Seriously!!!! So ridiculous I didn’t bother to google it.

Fun Facts Friday or RUI

Random Useless Information or better known as RUI. I always find some of these random facts as……………

Useless, interesting and funny.

Many are found under Snapple lids and Snapple Singles to Go packets, others are internet wonders provided by my internet explorers.


Fact #763 ~ “Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.”

I bet that looks interesting :-/

Liebster Award goes to…………

Liebster Award

RealLifeAfter40!!  (and the crowd goes wild)

Oh……..gawd!! How freakin’ crazy is this!!  Never been nominated for anything, especially for writing!  I am truly grateful, thank you for nominating me for this distinguished award, I am truly honored.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page(s).
2. Proudly display the award banner on your page.
3. List eleven facts about yourself.
4. Answer the questions the award-giver asked you and make 11 more for your nominees.
5. List your nominees.


Hmmm, RUI from Oz:

1.   I’m a shoe whore. Literally, buy several pairs at one time.
2. I own all the Sex in the City episodes and movies, watch them over and over. I’m the Carrie Bradshaw of Texas.
3. I have a 4 bedroom house, but spend all my time in my 18′ x 16′ bedroom.
4. I’ve been a fitness instructor for 10 years.
5. I’ve self-published 2 books and workin’ on about 20 more!
6. I love Tequila but it puts me to sleep (no, not passed out! yawning, can’t hold my head up sleepy), so I drink Raspberry Rum instead.
7. I converted one bedroom in my house to my closet. It’s lined with hanging clothes and shoes! (can you say Carrie Bradshaw!! Sorry I loved the series, my BBE’s and I are just like them)
8. I refer to my best girlfriends as the BBE’s ~ Best Bitches Ever
9. My first love is poetry (odd, I know, right)
10. I could eat chips and salsa everyday. Morning, noon and night.
11. I’m a beach gypsy and will live at the beach one day.


11 distinguished questions ask me:

  1. If you could make one piece of clothing illegal, what would it be?  A thong swimsuit; confidence is one thing, stoopid is another!
  2. If you could travel anywhere, for free, where would you go? And why?  Beach hop through the Caribbean.   Any beach is my happy place.
  3. If the bank made a mistake, and put sixty thousand dollars in your account, what would you do?   Seriously??  I’d go beach hopping!! lol
  4. What are your thoughts on legalizing marijuana?  I’m a virgin.  I ride the fence on that one, I know cancer patients that partake on it and it helps them cope.
  5. What is your favorite childhood memory?  So strange, I’m writing a post about this!  One memory is catching butterflies with my Granpdaddy’s minnow net.
  6. What did you want to be when you grew up, and what do you do instead?  A commercial artist.  I became a mother and end up in healthcare and now I’m unemployed. Ha!
  7. What happened on the best workday you’ve ever had?   Is there a best workday??  Been so long I can’t remember – lol
  8. What was your favorite thing that your mother used to cook for you?   Oven tacos
  9. Do you believe in soul mates or love at first sight?    Yes, I do!  I also believe that your soul can be ripped to shreds and it changes you forever.
  10. If you could go back in time, and change one thing, what would it be? (I borrowed this from questions because I love it)    I’d reincarnate myself into J.K. Rowlings – LOL!!  (I can’t answer this question seriously)
  11. Are you married? And if so, describe your proposal.   Nope


And mine nominees for Liebster Award are:

Now it’s your turn to answer distinguished questions:

1. Do you speak more than on language? (swearing doesn’t count)
2. If you could live any where in the world where would it be?
3. What was the name of the first movie you saw in a theater?
4. Favorite band in high school?
5. If you could change you name, what would you change it to?
6. Dogs or cats?
7. Where’d you spend your honeymoon? (the bed doesn’t count)
8. If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be?
9. Morning or night? (for whatever)
10. Do you sing in the shower?
11. What’s your favorite physical quality in the opposite sex? What’s your least favorite quality, period?

Can’t wait to see your answers. Now pass the torch on by selecting your own nominees.

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