“Carnival Lights”

Roller coasters
and Ferris wheels,
the lights of the midway rides;
take me back
long ago,
to life in a simpler time…….

“Step right up!”
yell shady folks,
“Come and test you skills!”;
cotton candy
and hot corn dogs,
rides in an ole hay field.
and carousels,
“Let’s go to the petting zoo”;
baked cookies
and red snow cones,
so much for us to do.
“Where ya been?”
“How’s your mama?”
neighbors greet each other;
Kids squeal
wide eyed;
tugging on their mothers.
Flashing lights
ringing bells,
the kids all running ’round;
loud music
out past dark,
the carnival’s come to town.

Pleasure Pier, Galveston Island, TX 2016


“Ball Of Fire”

Ball of fire
breaks the horizon
lights up the sky.
Giving salvation
relieves the darkness
blazing flight.
Dancing sparks
ignite the water
burns the night.
Blinds the morning
glorious day
heavenly light!

Jimmies on the Pier, Galveston, TX

“Saltwater Soul”

liquid abrasion
smoothing raw edges;
soften a surface
beaten by time.
sparkles in the sun,
rages in a storm,
calm in cool waters,
fear runs deep.
soothed with each pass;
washing with the tide,
salt and sea
a healing salve.


I sit in the dark;
waiting for you,
wine swirls in it’s glass bowl;
it’s aroma fills my nose.
Your presence;
a heavy mist surrounding me,
choking me like the smoke from a stale cigarette.
Your voice;
I know is not real,
it rakes on my raw, tense nerves.
How do the walls talk?
Your touch;
cold and dead,
like the air that fills my room,
I feel you in the tile under my feet.
Your eyes;
bloodshot with alcohol,
never saw my hurt and pain,
as they cut my heart with a thousand razor blades.
I know you are not,
but I’d swear you’re in the room with me;
tauntinng and tormentimg me.
Circling me like a rabid dog.
I could turn on the lights,
I know you’re not here;
but the dark,
it reminds me why you’re gone.

“Far Away”

The brightness fades
it’s light almost gone;
a ragged heart
lays open on a battered sleeve.
Challenged by the darkness
creeping ever close;
lights of love
crumble beneath my feet.
Straining for a flicker
somewhere in the clouds;
dull, empty ache
no brightness do I see.
Echos in my chest
lonely, empty sounds;
beats far away
no place a heart should be.

“I Think I’ll get a Dog”

How nice it would be
to be covered with kisses;
excitement uncontrolled.
Greet me at the door
“I missed you, I missed you!
so glad you’re home!”
Patiently listen to me
rattle on and on;
talk about my silly day.
Keep me company
with no nasty complaints;
if your suppers sometimes late.
Lay beside me quietly
with no extra expections;
just to keep me warm.
Stroke you gently
in the middle of the night;
give me comfort from harm.
Eagerly wants to please me
doing the simplest of things;
putting a smile on my face.
Tuck tail and run
when you break my heart;
looking for a hiding place.
Cute and cuddly
my perfect companion;
one that’s trainable and sweet.
I think I’ll get a dog
it’s easier by far;
a mans to hard to keep!


Like it or not, we all have one (or two)……..
That thing that consumes us, and at times; out of our control, totally takes us over………


The air permeates;
your smell engulfs me
before I ever see you.
Before I touch you;
you fill my mouth
with your familiar taste.

A quiet sound;
so many hear,
yet magnified to me.
Euphoric surroundings;
nothing matters
when it’s only you and I.

I look around;
can others see?
Do they know?
~ the hold you have on me.

Mounds of Dirt

It’s been a while since I’ve written/journaled/blogged/documented the events in my single/newly 50/transplanted/empty nester life.  Many times I’ve opened my little notebook to begin an entry and stare at the stark white page; only to close it without leaving the first stroke of lead.  Even the poems that so freely flow have become only a trickle.

Oh, my brain is still a wild hurricane of thoughts and notions; but I’m having a hard time getting my hand to translate my brain.  I’ve had this before, I guess most writers do.  I remember writing a post about it a year or so ago………….computer overload, your system is shutting down……………..or something like that.

Usually my surroundings are enough to spin a story (I’ve been inspired by a bowl of pecans before), or at times I use tools from my writing exercise books.  But lately nothing seems to work.  Not even my 15 month old grand daughter who is falling into her Gigi’s steps; she loves to dress up in all the bling and sparkle; don’t take her shoes unless you want an angry fight and if she brings you a blanket you better tie it around her neck like a beautiful cape and tell her how pretty she is.  If you fail to notice any of this and hurt her feelings, you will get the “stinky” eye.  Lord knows GiGi doesn’t want the “stinky” eye!

You would also think I could find some inspiration in my new job, my new co-workers, my RV living or being a “transplant”; but nothing seems to work.

2014 was a year of struggles for me ~ losing my job last December after almost 20 years; running out of unemployement benefits, but stll having bills to pay and having a mild case (Thank God!) of shingles…………………….

Each morning as I drive to work my radio is tuned to an inspirational station; they play positive uplifting music and have a segement called “Good News”.  This segement gives people the opportunity to call in and share some “good news”.  Early last week a lady called in to share some “good news”, It went something like this…………………

“Good morning, what is your good news?” 

“My husband has been battling stage 4 colon cancer and one day last week he stopped breathing.  The ambulance came and got him and he’s been in the hospital with a breathing tube and heavily sedated.  Today as I was about to go home for a few hours he began shaking his head.  I held his hand and stroked his head; I told him to open his eyes.  He looked at me and squeezed my hand.  I told him, “Do you know how much I love you?”  He shook his head “yes” and squeezed my hand.  I smiled at him and said, “It’s ok, I know you’re tired.”  He relaxed; stayed awake for a little while longer and then peacefully went back to sleep.  Although to most people this doesn’t sound like “good news”, it is to me.  I am so thankful for the time God has given me with my husband and I’m thankful for whatever time I have left.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to tell him that I love him and that it’s “ok”.  I know that shortly God will be calling him to a greater place.  That’s my “good news” and I just wanted to share it.”

I’ve never heard louder radio silence as I did that morning.

Radio hosts are usually full of words……………this morning the hosts struggled for words to say.

A very unexpected testimony of “good news”.

The lady never said her name, but I’ve thought about her often this week and I’m reminded of others with struggles far greater than mine.

My mother wears a crown full of jewels as she struggles with the declining health of my sister.  They both still laugh in the face of frustration; as every day is a challenge for both of them.  My mother is a talented writer and artisan and in spite of struggles manages to find comfort in her creations.

At a time when I felt my struggles were so great, they’re mere mounds of dirt compared to others mountains…………….

Determined to get my writing juices flowing again, I opened a new book of writing exercises.  The first exercise was to write a poem using the phrase from a poem of a famous poet.  I read them and immediately chose a phrase from a poem by Thomas Hardy.

The lady; who’s name I didn’t know, had setteled with me more than I realized.  The phrase ~ “Your troubles shrink not, though I feel them less….”

The poem came quickly……………………………..

Almost Home”

Your troubles shrink not,
though I feel them less;
as my head lays
upon your chest.
“You know I love you,”
steadfast you blink your eyes,
no sickness will break
our love that binds.
Blessed with goodness
by the time we’ve spent;
love and laughter
you’re my heaven sent.
You’re needed in
a far greater place,
to dance with the angels
in our Fathers grace.
A place in heaven
you’re free of pain,
you’ll wait for me
’til we meet again.
My selfless act
of letting go,
I hold your hand,
you’re almost home.

My struggles are so few and small.

Although this is not live radio and only a few will see this, I want to share my “good news”………………….

My good news is, I’m thankful ~

Thankful I’m healthier than most and able to work at the job I’ve been blessed with.  Thankful for the health and safe keeping of my children and family.  Thankful for my little diamond and my new grandson that’s not yet here.  Thankful for the ability and opportunity to explore and enjoy all the Lord has to offer me.  Thankful I still believe in the power of prayer.  Thankful for friends and love.  Thankful for the talents given to me.  Thankful that I’m reminded that my struggles are small…………………

Thankful they are mere mounds of dirt and not mountains I can’t climb.

Although this post is a little all over the place and a bit miscombobulated (Wha???), I’m thankful my hand finally moved around and left some lead on the page………..

“Edge of Life”

The beach doesn’t really have “winter”, but when it’s cold the wind cuts through you like a knife.

I made a quick trip to my home in Jasper this weekend for a few sweaters, my boots and a couple coats. On my road trip back this morning I tuned my radio to my favorite Christian radio station. As I was driving along I began to make mental notes of song lyrics that stuck in my head.

When I reached the ferry landing I knew I had to write them down…….
Happy Sunday!!

“Edge of Life”

Everyday I hear a voice
it says I’m not right.
Unharden my heart;
love me thru my rebel self.
You are my strong tower,
my fortress when I’m weak;
let your light be proof,
proof inside of me.

You’ve never left my side
thru the valleys
and the dark ~
You carry me.
Though my feet fail me
You keep me above the waves;
You hold onto me.

In my Fathers eyes
there’s no mistake;
He knows my name.
I am guilty,
yet you breath life into me
with your mercy and your grace.

You Lead me
with strong hands,
so I don’t feel alone;
and when doubt fills me
stars light up the sky,
You always lead me home.

Whom shall I fear?
The God of angels
is by my side.
I am not forgotten,
He never lets me go;
on this edge of life.

Happy Halloween Y’all

“Frightful Night”

Pull the curtains
shut off the lights,
your porch is dark
this hallowed night.
The spooks are out
it’s a frightful affair,
the little goblins
are everywhere.
There’s a ghost
in mom’s finest sheet,
a Cinderella
and ghoulish freak.
They’re on the sidewalks;
they’re in the streets,
screaming and shouting
“Trick or Treat!!”
You can run
but you can’t hide,
they’ll scope you out
by your TV’s light.
Quiet and still
you sit like a stone,
ignore the pounding
and woeful moans.
Still they come
they won’t leave you alone;
damn it to hell!
they know you’re home.


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