“‘Twas the night before Christmas…………”

“‘Twas the night before Christmas…………”

“Twas the night before Christmas…….up in Santa’s crib

he’s getting things started, for getting things did!

He’s rockin’ jingle bells, he’s screamin’ ho, ho, ho’s,

the man in the suit, is ALL in the know.

He’s studied all the lists, consulted all his elves

cranking up the music, they work to fill the shelves.

Blaring through the speakers, Pandora’s turned up loud

they’re grooving to the beat, they’re cranking toys out.

No time for something soothing, Perry Como or Kenny G,

Santa’s on a mission, he’ll give them what they need.

Nickelback and Train, Beyonce and Jay Z,

Carrie and Miranda, Usher; and Jason Aldean.

They wobble as they work, they shuffle as they stack;

booty grind and butterfly, the elves aint’ holdin’ back.

Santa knows his helpers; what gets their blood to pumpin’,

he cranks it even louder, you see the speakers thumpin’.

They’re bustin’ out the moves, the ones that have no names,

they’re filling all the stockings, it’s time to fill the sleigh.

They’re all doing hip hop, a little doesy doe,

they’re passing down the presents, in the sleigh is where they go.

Santa’s at the helm, Pandora’s popped on quick,

he’s rappin’ to the reindeer, they’re jammin’ with St. Nick.

They do the reindeer hustle, they’re pawing with the beat,

booty twerking Santa, is stirring up the heat.

His team is getting antsy, the music makes them move,

rockin’ roll Santa, will be flying with the groove.

He’s turning up the volume, the sleigh begins to dance,

the reindeer know it’s time; they’re stomping and they prance.

Winking to his helpers, he plays some air guitar,

gives the reins a little flick; he’s off like a shooting star!

The elves stand and listen, they watch the strobing lights,

as their rockin’, jammin’ Santa, starts fading out of sight.

You can hear the speakers thumpin’, Santa shouts with all his might,

“Merry Christmas to all and a rockin’ good night!!”


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