“On My Shelf”

It’s built in ~
the only one I have,
holds some little treasures
I look at day to day.

A jar with little shells
I collect from off the beach,
a dollar store sign
that says to always dream.

A cross I painted from Goodwill
reminds me of my faith,
four wine bottle stoppers,
just a few that I collect.

Two “message in a bottle”
I found lying on the shore,
I refuse to break the seal;
and ruin all their charm.

A little glass fish
I bought for just a buck;
a less than perfect sand dollar
I say will bring me luck.

The flea market plate
that says “Made in Mexico”,
the antique bottles
I find and keep bringing home.

Trashy little treasures
everyday, ones I see;
one little shelf,
that’s just a reflection of me.




All We Need Is Shoes






I can see you!!

This was the cutest little guy!! He sat up on he’s little rock perch and watched all the people watching him.
I can see you!!


Bald Eagle

These big birds are magnificent!! They were on the ground and watching everything. Closest ones I’ve ever seen in captivity.
Bald Eagle


Here Kitty Kitty

The big cats were out and staying cool in the shade……………..that put them REALLY close to the fence!!!! Beautiful!
Here Kitty Kitty


Yellow Wonder

Waco Zoo
Yellow Wonder


Mr. Turtle

Ginormous turtle at my visit to the Waco Zoo.
Mr. Turtle


Snow White

Lake Livingston Texas a rare opportunity to photograph the migrating white pelicans.
Snow White


Let’s take a walk

Lake Livingston Texas while photographing white pelicans I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the other water fowl.
Let's take a walk


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